The Ideal Bryce Canyon NP Seasons and Weather for Camping

The temperature at Bryce Canyon National Park can vary drastically throughout the year depending on the season and weather patterns. It’s located on a high elevation and temperatures can drop quickly should a cold front arrive.

It’s always a good habit to check for the weather forecast before leaving for Bryce Canyon National Park for your next trip.

Average temperature and precipitation by month

Seasons in Bryce Canyon National Park

Summer (21 June to 22 September)

Bryce Canyon National Park - Summer

On average, the temperature stays at around 75°F, or 24°C, during the day and around 45°F, or 7°C, at night at Bryce Canyon National Park.

Although the temperature can get to over 100°F, or 40°C, during the summer, these skyrocketing temperatures are not as typical in Bryce Canyon as they are in other National Parks in Utah.

The summer tends to be quite dry and lasts between the months of June through August, although sometimes August sees a distinct transition into Fall weather. It is slightly rainier in August on average so you might want to pack a rain jacket.

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Fall (23 September to 20 December)

Bryce Canyon National Park - Fall

The daytime temperatures quickly decrease, with an average of 69°F / 20°C during September, 57°F / 14°C in October, and 44°F / 7°C in November.

Fall lasts typically from the months of September through November. During this season, the transitory colors of the forests in the area are incredible.

As you can imagine, the nighttime temperatures exponentially decrease during these months as well. If you are camping, bring a camping blanket since the later Fall months get cold. It does not get any rainier in the Fall, but it might start to snow in November.

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Winter (21 December to 19 March)

Bryce Canyon National Park - Winter

The temperatures during the day average around 36° F / 2°C during these months. At night, it gets much colder, averaging at 11°F / -11.7°C. The snowfall during the winter is 32″.

Since Bryce Canyon National Park is located at a higher elevation than Utah’s other national parks, it stays colder and receives more snow. It is at an elevation between 8,000 and 9,000 feet above sea level.

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Spring (20 March to 20 June)

Bryce Canyon National Park - Spring

Spring is a beautiful season for those who love cool temperatures. The temperature climbs quickly during the Spring months. In March, the average is 44°F / 6.7°C. In April, they average at 52°F / 11°C, and in May 62°F / 16.7°C. 

It takes a while for the snow to melt in the highest elevations. Some of the roads can be blocked throughout April during years with a long winter.

The nighttime temperatures climb quickly as well but are typically too cold without a winter sleeping bag.

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