The Best Camping Blankets (2024 Picks)

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Are you looking for a warm blanket to make sleeping better at the campsite?

Most campers like to keep the required camping gear to a minimum to focus more on nature than hauling crates up a mountain. Finding a camping blanket can be tricky since there are many models currently available. Some of the important things to consider in a blanket are :

  • Insulation materials. It can be polyester, foam, wool, or other synthetic fabrics. Some blankets do not have insulation.
  • Blanket size. The typical size for a single blanket is around 52” x 75”, but there are also junior, double, and multiple person sizes.
  • Durability. Polyester, nylon, cotton, and wool are some of the common materials for lining fabrics. Ripstop nylon fabric is more durable and lasts longer.

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Check out the top picks below to find your ideal blanket. Don’t forget to also check out the buying guide to know more details.

Our top camping blanket picks

Therm-a-Rest Stellar75” x 56”1.4lbs / 624gSynthetic
Matador63” x 44”3.8oz / 108gWool
Rumpl Original84” x 80”3.7lbs / 1.7kgSynthetic
Kammock Mountain84” x 50”4.4lbs / 2kgPolyester
Yeti Lowlands79” x 55”6.1lbs / 2.8kgPolyester
Pendleton Yakima84” x 66”3lbs / 1.36kgWool
Nemo Victory 4P95” x 95”3.8lbs / 1.7kgPolyurethane Foam

Therm-a-Rest Stellar

Therm-a-Rest Stellar Camping Blankets
Photo Credit : Therm-a-Rest
  • Size : 75” x 56” / 191cm x 142cm
  • Insulation : eraLoft Synthetic Fibers
  • Weight : 1.4lbs / 624g

Therm-a-Rest offers a large line of comfortable products meant to insulate both for campers and indoor sleep systems. They have thought of it all with this blanket, creating a built-in pocket that doubles as a camping pillow.

The eraLoft insulation is a water-resistant fill made of synthetic hollow fibers. It reduces the weight of the blanket without taking away insulation capacity. The shell fabric is treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent). The polyester lining has a lower denier rating that makes it soft to the touch.

Although it isn’t a sleeping bag, it does have a drawcord at the bottom edge to limit drafts around your feet. There are snap loops around the perimeter to attach the Therm-a-Rest Stellar Blanket to sister blankets if other campers bring them along.

What we like

  • eraLoft insulation is water-resistant.
  • DWR treatment on shell for increases water-resistance.
  • Drawcord pull to reduce drafts on the feet.

What we don't like

  • Single size makes it a small choice for some.


Matador Pocket Camping Blankets
Photo Credit : Matador
  • Size : 63” x 44” / 160cm x 112cm
  • Insulation : Wool
  • Weight : 3.8oz / 108g

Matador has made a camping blanket that can easily get taken anywhere since it is extremely lightweight. The blanket folds down extremely flat to fit into a pocket-sized stuff sack that comes with it, along with folding instructions.

This wool blanket can double as a tarp, depending on what situation you are in. Many campers have used it as either a beach blanket or a picnic blanket. It has built-in corner stakes. The fabric is a HyperLyte ripstop water repellent nylon that makes it water-resistant and durable against punctures and cuts.

The Matador Pocket Blanket stays stable even on windy days with weighted corners. It includes sand pockets to keep it secure as well. Since it can pack down so small, it is truly an essential product to any survivalist kit. 

Two to four adults can fit underneath, depending on size.

What we like

  • Lightweight makes it easy to pack in any kit.
  • Tarp capacity for increased adaptability.
  • Weighted corners keep it secure in wind.

What we don't like

  • Built-in corner stakes can be uncomfortable while sleeping.

Rumpl Original

Rumpl Original Puffy Camping Blankets
Photo Credit : Rumpl
  • Size : 84” x 80” / 213cm x 203cm
  • Insulation : Synthetic
  • Weight : 3.7lbs / 1.7kg

The Rumpl Original puffy blanket is our best pick for a cold-weather camping blanket. Rumpl has a significant focus on sustainability by using 100% post-consumer recycled materials to craft their repurposed blankets. It is durable with a 30D ripstop polyester.

This blanket will keep you warm with its synthetic, recycled materials filling. The insulating fibers are the same derived from the same material that goes into sleeping bag insulation and puffy jackets. It also means that you can wash them in a typical front-load washing machine.

The Rumpl Original puffy blanket is relatively lightweight, and the material stays cool in hotter nights. Polyester dries quickly so that the blanket is still usable in misty, wet weather.

What we like

  • Sustainable design for an environmentally-friendly product.
  • Synthetic insulation makes it fast-drying.
  • Machine washable for an easy clean after each use.

What we don't like

  • No color variation for those who want more choice.

Kammock Mountain

Kammok Mountain Camping Blankets
Photo Credit : Kammok
  • Size : 84” x 50” / 213cm x 127cm
  • Insulation : 240g Polyester Fleece
  • Weight : 4.4lbs / 2kg

Kammock has made its Mountain blanket out of 40D ripstop fabric. The interior is warm polyester fleece. Both materials have a DWR finish to keep out invading moisture and dirt stains.

Even with a plush fleece interior, the provided stuff sack offers increased packability. Everything in camping is better if it is dual-purpose, and the stuff sack doesn’t disappoint. Flip it inside out to expose an interior lined with fleece and have an improvised pillow.

If you want to combine the blanket with other Kammock Mountain blankets, or others from their All-Adventure line, use the modular snaps to attach them in multiple configurations. Also, use these to form a hands-free poncho.

As with all of their products, these blankets are covered by the Kammock lifetime warranty.

What we like

  • Included stuff sack to increase packability.
  • Modular snaps for many configurations.
  • Lifetime warranty on all Kammock products.

What we don't like

  • More expensive than similar products.

Yeti Lowlands

Yeti Lowlands Camping Blankets
Photo Credit : Yeti
  • Size : 79” x 55” / 201cm x 140cm
  • Insulation : Polyester
  • Weight : 6.1lbs / 2.8kg

The Yeti Lowlands blanket is meant for cool evenings, outdoor concerts, car camping, or backcountry treks. A hydro barrier layer for waterproofing helps to keep you dry even in a fine mist.

Inside of the blanket is a padding that contains polyester insulation that keeps it soft yet still durable. This material doesn’t easily hold onto dirt and plant material, making it pet-protected. It quickly shakes off pet hair and any leftover camping residue.

The Yeti Lowlands Blanket is machine washable and dryable. Take care of it by throwing it in with the rest of the laundry and not worrying.

What we like

  • Polyester insulation keeps it comfortable and warm.
  • Pet protected for easy cleanup even with dirty dogs.
  • Machine washable to matter the adventure.

What we don't like

  • Heavier weight makes it more difficult to pack.

Pendleton Yakima

Pendleton Yakima Camping Blankets
Photo Credit : Pendleton
  • Size : 84” x 66” / 213cm x 168cm
  • Insulation : Wool
  • Weight : 3lbs / 1.36kg

Pendleton has made their stylish blanket for sound sleeping, whether indoors or outside. They are made from durable virgin wool mixed with cotton and woven in American mills. The mixture wards away all manner of cold and rugged camping scenarios.

The company has modeled their wool blankets on the styles typical to the shepherds of the Pacific Northwest. They had to adapt their clothing and insulation system to keep them warm for weeks outdoors. Now, the Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket does the same.

These blankets come in six naturally-derived patterns. Buying from their site gives you the option to include a monogram or embroidery to personalize it. Dry clean the blanket instead of throwing it in the washer.

What we like

  • Warm wool insulates with a specified layer.
  • American design makes it more environmentally friendly.
  • Multiple patterns make it easy to personalize.

What we don't like

  • Dry cleaning makes it more expensive to wash after a camping trip.

Nemo Victory 4P

Nemo Victory 4P Camping Blankets
Photo Credit : Nemo
  • Size : 95” x 95” / 241cm x 241cm
  • Insulation : Thermoplastic Polyurethane Foam
  • Weight : 3.8lbs / 1.7kg

Caring is sharing, as the saying goes. With the Nemo Victory blanket for four people, it is easier to do just that. Made to fit into a four-person tent perfectly, it covers everybody and helps keep in extra body heat.

It works exceptionally well as a blanket over the top of other blankets or sleeping bags, so nobody tries to roll in their sleep and steal it.

A waterproof bottom resists dirt stains and water. The top is a soft flannel with a Southwest-inspired pattern for a familial feel. The flannel does catch on velcro easily, so protects it from catching in straps. It is padded to offer even more protection.

Equipped with stash pockets, they are hidden behind a hook-and-loop closure to keep small things secure. The attached straps keep the Nemo Victory four-person blanket neatly safe while not in use.

What we like

  • Four-person size makes it handy for the whole tent.
  • Waterproof bottom helps to keep it free from dirt.
  • Flannel top is comfortable and stylish.

What we don't like

  • Snags easily on rough surfaces.

Camping Blankets Buying Guide

When it comes to any investment and addition to your camping gear, you should carefully consider every product as a camper. Camping blankets might seem very straightforward, but as a part of a more extensive system, they need to mesh well.

Here are 4 things to think about before buying a camping blanket.

Insulation materials

Each camping blanket is made from one of these three primary fabrics or a mix of them. 

They all offer pros and cons, and your best camping blanket choice will be based on your priorities and what you need from the blanket.

  • Cotton/wool are some of the most durable choices of fabrics and often mixed options. They last for many camping trips, longer than some of the other alternatives. Naturally, they are prime insulators and have a lot of clouts when it comes to raising the temperature of a sleeping system. The Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket is a wool blanket we rate highly above.
  • Fleece is an interesting one since it is technically made from a fabric typically grouped with polyester synthetic materials. It experiences a specific manufacturing process to set it apart. An example of a fleece camping blanket is the Kammock Mountain Blanket.
  • Synthetics are not always from a specified material. Usually, you can expect these blankets to be made with nylon or polyester, sometimes mixed with other fabric fibers. The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket is filled with synthetic insulation. The Yeti Lowlands Blanket is filled with polyester insulation and Therm-a-Rest’s Stellar Blanket has a specific mix made of synthetic fibers for maximum comfort.


Blankets are sized differently based on the person(s) they are meant to fit underneath them. You can find blankets that are sized for a junior, a single, double, and four people.

There are other sizes, but these tend to be the most common.

Rumpl’s Puffy Blanket comes in a junior size at 28” x 40”.

The Nemo Victory Blanket 4P is a square 95” x 95”, and there is just about any size in between depending on what you want it to cover.


Many camping blankets have insulation between a layer of lining on each side. Depending on the material and the treatment it receives, camping blankets can be more resilient than other materials.

The fabric is treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish to achieve a water-resistant material. Nylon can be fabricated to be ripstop, offering further protection to punctures and tears. The Kammock Mountain Blanket comes in a fabric that ticks both of these boxes.

Some camping blankets, such as the Matador Pocket Blanket, are so durable that some campers pack them for their double effectiveness. They can be a makeshift tarp at the campsite or covering as well and increase survivability.

Size and packability

The size of the camping blanket doesn’t only have to do with its coverage capacity. Camping blankets can be square or rectangular, providing more coverage one way or another. Their material and insulation help to determine their overall weight, which is an essential factor for some backpackers.

Something like the Matador Pocket Blanket at 3.8oz works to increase warmth without adding almost any weight. On the other hand, the Yeti Lowlands blanket adds over 6lbs but keeps you much cozier.

Speaking of packing, the size and weight of the blankets affect how small they can pack down. Even if something doesn’t weigh a lot, if it is puffy enough to make for a large package, it eliminates space for other items.


Are the blankets machine washable?

It depends on the material that they are. Synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon are often machine washable. If the blanket is made out of cotton or wool, check the directions, so you don’t ruin it. Verify the insulation material as well since this is the more significant determining factor than the lining.

Are the blankets temperature rated?

Camping blankets increase the overall warmth of a sleeping system and decrease the temperature ratings. Most blankets, since they are not an enclosed system, are not temperature rated. Instead, they augment whatever system you are already using.

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