Camping in Bryce Canyon NP in Spring 2024: Spring 2024 Guide

1. Bring layers

Many people think of Utah as an area of burnt red rock baking in the summer heat. While this is true during the summer months, the winters see stacks of snow and freezing temperatures.

If you are camping off-season, bring plenty of camping blankets and warm camp gear.

2. Don’t underestimate the surrounding area

Many people target the National Parks and don’t think twice about state parks or national forests. The area around Bryce Canyon is arguably just as beautiful as the park itself.

3. Stay updated on the fire regulations

Since it is so arid, the state has stringent fire regulations implemented throughout most of the year. Know them and respect them.

4. Bring plenty of water

Even though most campgrounds have access to drinking water, it is not always the cleanest or the tastiest. Pack plenty of water and take hydration seriously. Bring a cooler or extra water bottles with you.

5. Download an app for the night sky

Bryce Canyon is known for some of the best night sky views in the country. Learn more about the stars and what you can see with a night sky app.

6. Camp high during the summer months

Elevations in and around Bryce Canyon can top 9,000 feet. Camping higher during the summer months means cold nights and better sleep. Consider getting a sleeping bag if you’re afraid of cold.

7. Respect nature and the cryptobiotic crust

Although you might not see it, much of Utah’s desert floor is covered in a cryptobiotic crust.

It is an essential part of the ecosystem, a conglomerate of lichen, bacteria, algae, and fungi. It binds the topsoil together to stop it from blowing away.

Stepping on this ruins the bond and leads to further erosion. Stay on the marked trails to avoid this.

Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams is a writer, plant-nerd, and outdoor enthusiast. She has traveled extensively, around the U.S., throughout Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Everywhere she treks, she takes time to enjoy the outdoors. John Muir is her hero. She aspires to inspire people to live better as he did.

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