The Best Camping String Lights (2024 Models)

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If you’re looking to add more suitable lighting plus the perfect ambiance to your campsite, then you’re likely in the market for a camping string light set.

With several options available today, though, you might feel a little left in the dark about where to start. We can help you with that.

We’ve compiled a collection of great camping string lights and have broken down the key technical specs you need to be aware of before making a good purchase, like :

  • Brightness and lumens. You’ll need to know exactly how bright is bright enough. Remember, the brighter the string lights, the more expensive they are.
  • String length. This is a crucial factor. If you tend to camp on larger sites, you may have to purchase a couple of string light sets, depending on length.
  • Power source. This is always crucial to any lighting device used for camping. Make sure you have enough juice to use your new string lights.

Here are seven of the best string lights for camping.

Revel Gear Camping Light

Revel Gear Camping String Lights
Photo Credit : Revel
  • Length : 30 feet
  • Battery : USB port (power source not included)
  • Waterproof Rating : IP65
  • Weight : 1.6oz / 45g

The Revel Gear camping light turns any campsite into a sparkling masterpiece, but tradeoffs exist. It features 100 high-efficiency LEDs that emit 350 lumens, which is comparable to some camping lanterns.

This camping string light has six different modes, including an awesome fade-in/fade-out mode and strobe.

The one downside of Revel’s camping light is that it doesn’t have a direct power source, so you need a battery pack to keep it running. Some users have also complained the wire material can tangle easily.

Mpowerd Luci Solar String Lights

Mpowerd Luci Camping String Lights
Photo Credit : Mpowerd
  • Length : 18 feet
  • Battery : Solar / USB
  • Waterproof Rating : IPX4
  • Weight : 11.3oz / 320g

One of the better-designed string lights on our list, the Mpowerd Luci Solar String Light is powered by a solar panel that doubles as a case.

While not as bright as other string lights on the market, this solution is more designed for ambiance, without having to worry about losing power. The set lasts 20 hours on a single charge; the solar recharger can take it to full capacity in 16 hours.

It’s affordable and easy to set up.

Eno Twilights LED String Lights

Eno Twilights LED Camping String Lights
Photo Credit : Eno
  • Length : 10 feet
  • Battery : 3 AAA
  • Waterproof Rating : IPX4
  • Weight : 4.0oz / 113g

When it comes to the Eno Twilights LED String Lights, there are things we like and don’t care for.

First, we love the multicolor light mode across its 20 bright LEDs. A special breathe mode also turns the white lights to 25% brightness.

We’re not crazy that this Eno string light set takes 3 AAA batteries, which you’ll have to replace after a camping weekend. The batteries last about 72 hours.

Barebones Edison String Light

Barebones Edison Camping String Lights
Photo Credit : Barebones
  • Length : 10 feet
  • Battery : USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof Rating : IPX4
  • Weight : 16.0oz / 454g

Classy is the best way to describe the Barebones Edison String Light. The three-light set is designed to look like mini lamps hanging above your campsite.

Brightness is solid for this set at 100 total lumens across the three LEDs, but you may not like that there are only three lamps. It could get expensive if you want to buy a few sets of these simply for aesthetics.

The Barebones set only stays powered via USB, so you’ll need a portable battery pack to keep your campsite lit with that perfect ambiance.

Coleman LED Lantern String Lights

Coleman LED Lantern String Lights
Photo Credit : Coleman
  • Length : 6 feet
  • Battery : AA
  • Weight : 12.7oz / 363g

If you already own a Coleman camping lantern, you’ll love the Coleman LED Lantern String Lights.

Designed to look like ten mini lanterns, this unique set is surprisingly bright, making them practical and chic. Beware, though, that some users have actually complained this string set is too bright.

At 6 feet long, this Coleman string light set is shorter than others, but it’s perfect for smaller campsites.

Make sure to pack extra AA batteries to keep it powered.

Tuff Stuff Overland LED Light Strip

Tuff Stuff Overland LED Light Strip
Photo Credit : Tuff Stuff
  • Length : 38.5 feet
  • Battery : 12V car plug

Designed for van and trailer campers, the Tuff Stuff Overland LED Light Strip is a great solution for nicely balanced LED lighting.

Of course, there are some trade-offs.

If you’re more of a traditional tent camper, you’ll want your car nearby because this light strip only powers via a 12V car plug or a car’s battery directly.

In exchange for that steady flow of power is a 38-foot-long light strip that can keep an area very well-lit. And if things are too bright, these Tuff Stuff lights are also dimmable.

All-Top LED Camping Light Strip

  • Length : 4 feet
  • Battery : 12V car plug
  • Waterproof Rating: IP68
  • Weight : 19.2oz / 544g

Designed for the toughest of weather conditions, the All-Top LED Camping Light Strip is a great option for campers with a car nearby to keep this versatile light strip powered.

There’s a lot to like about this light strip, including its incredible 1,300-lumen brightness. The inclusion of an IP-65 mounting jacket for over the lights makes this indestructible against rain and dust.

And a nice bonus is the special amber color mode All-Top includes that helps keep bugs away at night.

Camping String Lights Buying GUide

Since you’re in the market for a camping string light, make sure you understand all the technical aspects in order to make an informed purchase.

Use this guide as you’re searching for that perfect set.

Brightness and lumens

Like all lighting products geared for camping, brightness is critical. If the lights are too bright, it could be distracting. If they’re too dim, then their purpose is kind of defeated.

Here’s what you need to know about lumens, the unit of measurement for brightness, and how it applies to your camping string light set :

Remember that most camping string sets advertise lumens as total brightness across all bulbs. So, the Revel Gear 30 lights maxes out at 350 lumens across 100 lights, or 3.5 lumens per LED.

String length

The length of your string light set is another factor to consider. There really isn’t a perfect length. Instead, it’s primarily dictated by how large your campsite is and how many people are camping in your group.

Also, typically the longer the string light, the more light bulbs it has; and the shorter, the less lights it has.

There are some exceptions. The Barebones Edison String Light is 10-feet long, but only features three larger light bulbs. The Coleman LED Lantern String Lights set is 6-feet long, but has 10 smaller lights on it.

If you need something longer, look for string light sets that come on a strip, like the Tuff Stuff Overland LED Light Strip. It’s 38 feet long and is perfect for an awning or even multiple tents.

Power source

There are three primary power sources to understand for your camping string light set :

  • USB. Many string lights on the market today only have a USB port, but not an actual power source, like the Revel Gear 30 camping light. You’ll need a portable battery pack to keep the lights on.
  • Batteries. AA and AAA are the most common. The Eno Twilights LED String Lights last 20 hours with three AAA batteries, so plan accordingly.
  • 12 volt. Also known as the car plug, there are a handful of light strips on the market, like the All-Top LED Camping Light Strip, that’s powered by a 12-volt or directly on to the car’s battery.

A solar panel, as found on the Mpowerd Luci Solar String Light, is also a useful power source to keep your lights on.


You’re likely hanging these string lights outside, so you want to make sure a little rain, wind and dust won’t break them.

Thankfully, all of these string lights are at least IP4, which means some light rain won’t really impact their performance.

If a set is rated IP68, that means it’s (essentially) protected against all types of water and is rated higher than IP4. Some sets, like the All-Top LED Camping Light Strip, are rated IP68, but also include an IP65-mounted jacket for even extra protection.

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