The Best Air Mattresses for Camping (2024 Picks)

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Do you want to make your camping trips more comfortable with an air mattress?

You are in luck since we have all you need to find the ideal one.

Sleeping on the ground is one of the biggest reasons people might not like camping. Air mattresses are an excellent way to make it more comfortable. You need to find one that lasts through the extra wear and tear of outdoor usage and remains inflated. Some other things to consider include:

  • Mattress size. It depends on the size of your tent and how many people you want to fit on it. You also don’t want much excess since it makes it less portable.
  • Maximum weight. How many people need to fit on the air mattress? Do you have any animals that sleep with you?
  • Warranty. Inflatable products present a risk since a single puncture means the product is useless. They often come with anywhere from one year to a lifetime guarantee.

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To find the best air mattress for camping, check out our recommendations below. If you need some pointers and a guide for things to look out for, scroll down to the buying guide.

Our favorite camping air mattress picks

ModelSizeIdeal For
Intex Dura-BeamQueen / TwinBudget
Kelty Tru.ComfortSingleSolo camper
Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1King12,000 strikes
REI Co-op Camp DreamerSingleLightweight
Coleman Double-High SupportRestQueen / TwinValue for money
SoundAsleepQueen / TwinMost durable
REI Co-op KingdomQueenCouples
AerobedQueen / Full / TwinBest comfort
Intex Kids Travel BedTwinYoung kids
Pittman Outdoors MattressTwinYoung kids

Intex Dura-Beam

Intex Dura-Beam Air Mattresses
Photo Credit : Intex
  • Available Sizes : Queen / Twin
  • Inflation Method : Battery pump
  • Weight : 10lbs / 4.5kg

Dura-Beam air beds are manufactured with a Fiber-Tech interior construction, which has been patented by Intex. They focus on enhancing the product for a lightweight size but maintaining high-strength fibers that support you and still be puncture resistant.

A doubled-up design keeps you well away from the ground at night and protects you from the cold. Four support beams run across the middle of the mattress to keep you in place during the night and add extra stability.

To pump up the bag, take it out from the carry bag it comes with and lay it out. They include an electric pump within the Intex Dura-Beam Air Mattress. It works to inflate and deflate the mattress quickly. Inflation takes just over two minutes. You can also use a manual pump if you prefer.

What we like

  • Fiber-Tech construction keeps the bed stable.
  • Double design keeps you higher off the ground.
  • Versatile pump design that makes inflation quick.

What we don't like

  • Built-in pump can make storage awkward.

Kelty Tru.Comfort

Kelty Tru.Comfort Camp Bed Air Mattresses
Photo Credit : Kelty
  • Available Sizes : Single
  • Inflation Method : Air pump
  • Weight : 4.6lbs / 2.1kg

Those of you who are looking for a comfortable air mattress after hiking wants to consider the Kelty Tru.Comfort Camp Bed. It is made for single sleepers who want to set up their sleeping bag on a cushier surface.

Although more expensive than some might expect a small air mattress to be, it makes up for it by being made with high-quality materials. It pumps up with an included pump to 4.75” from the ground. Together with 140g of synthetic insulation, you are protected from the cold ground.

Along the top of the mattress, a construction of horizontal baffles complements a vertical sidewall. All of this provides an even sleep surface that adapts to uneven ground. The outer material of the Kelty Tru.Comfort Camp Bed is 75D polyester.

What we like

  • Single size keeps hikers comfortable.
  • Vortex air inflation system is reliable and simple to make inflation easy.
  • Baffle construction allows for even surface.

What we don't like

  • Expensive price compared to other similar items.

Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1

Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1 Air Mattresses
Photo Credit : Coleman
  • Available Sizes : King
  • Inflation Method : Air pump
  • Weight : 10.9lbs / 4.9kg

Coleman is known for its producing some of the best camping air mattresses around. Their design is unique in that these single airbeds can be converted into a variety of configurations.

This camping mattress can be stacked high to make a double-high, single mattress, spread out for two twin size beds, or pushed together for a king-size bed.

Coleman designs its air pumps to fit the valves on their mattresses. They have various themes to choose from, depending on whether you want to use an electric, air, or foot pump.

An AirTight inflation system keeps the air inside once pumped up. It is tested before leaving the factory to be leak-free. Once the trip is over, the Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system makes packing it up convenient. The Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1 mattress also comes with a 1-year limited warranty and supports up to 300lbs.

What we like

  • Configuration variety for increased convenience.
  • Choice of air pumps to make inflation personal.
  • 1-year limited warranty helps protect your purchase.

What we don't like

  • Specific brand air pumps take away some options.

REI Co-op Camp Dreamer

REI Co-op Camp Dreamer Air Mattresses
Photo Credit : REI
  • Available Sizes : Single
  • Inflation Method : Pad pump
  • Weight : 3.4lbs / 1.5kg

Feel like you are sleeping on a cloud instead of on the ground with the REI Co-op Camp Dreamer. Perfect for single sleepers on trips where you might need to haul it around since it is lightweight.

Quickly inflate and deflate the bag using a Hi-flow Flat TPR Valve. This valve is also what allows you to fine-tune the firmness of the sleeping pad. Vertical sidewall construction is paired with stretch polyester fabric to keep the mattress firm and stable once blown up. Welded seams prevent leaking and increase overall durability.

A pad pump is what enables inflation and handily doubles as a pillow. The REI Co-op Camp Dream has an R-value of 2.7, although it is only about 4” thick. It comes with a pump sack, stuff sack, and a compression strap.

What we like

  • TPR Valve allows firmness optimization.
  • Welded seams increase durability.
  • Lightweight design makes it easier for hikers or traveling campers.

What we don't like

  • Not as thick as comparable products.

Coleman Double-High SupportRest

Coleman Double-High SupportRest Air Mattresses
Photo Credit : Coleman
  • Available Sizes : Queen / Twin
  • Inflation Method : Battery pump
  • Weight : 20.5lbs / 9.3kg

Coleman’s Double-High SupportRest Air Bed brings the idea of glamping back to the forest floor. It lifts you high off the ground for extra protection and comfort no matter where you are. It gives a luxury feel with its raised edges and a PillowStop design.

Since Coleman knows what it is like to use products outside frequently, they have treated the entire surface with antimicrobial protection. It prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus from reducing potential odors.

Pump this mattress up with the included 120V pump. Once you have the firmness perfect, the AirTight seam and valve system keep the air inside.

It is quite heavy and thus is best for car camping trips. Coleman Double-High SupportRest Air Bed holds up to 600 pounds and comes with a carry bag and a 1-year limited warranty.

What we like

  • PillowStop design for built-in comfort levels.
  • Antimicrobial treatment to protect against outdoors.
  • 1-year limited warranty safeguards your purchase.

What we don't like

  • Very heavy-weight makes it most appropriate for car campers.


SoundAsleep Camping Air Mattresses
Photo Credit : SoundAsleep
  • Available Sizes : Queen / Twin
  • Inflation Method : Rechargeable air pump
  • Weight : 9lbs / 4.1kg

Sound Asleep constructs this air mattress with I-Beam Air Coils and eco-friendly PVC. This design increases the air mattress’s durability to withstand problematic outdoor usage.

To inflate the air mattress, use the patented pump, included as an external accessory with rechargeable batteries. It can be charged at home or with the car-ready adaptor. It blows up in three minutes or less.

The SoundAsleep mattress comes with a carry bag for higher portability. It also has a 1-year limited warranty and stellar customer support for any questions or comments.

What we like

  • Air coil construction keeps mattress stable.
  • External pump comes with rechargeable batteries.
  • 1-year limited warranty for purchase protection.

What we don't like

  • Rechargeable batteries are not the most reliable form of pump.

REI Co-op Kingdom

REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Mattresses
Photo Credit : REI Co-op
  • Available Sizes : Queen
  • Inflation Method : Manual air pump
  • Weight : 5.8lbs / 2.6kg

REI Co-op has produced multiple air beds for a variety of sleeping options. This mattress is meant for campers sleeping in pairs but still maintains a lighter weight to make it easy to carry. To make it more comfortable, REI uses a soft-touch sleeping surface.

Since the inside of the air bed has moderate insulation, it has an R-value of 2.6. It helps to keep you warm in temperatures reaching down to 40°F. Included with the air bed is a manual air pump. It uses a straightforward, 1-way inflation valve to keep air from leaking out during the setup process.

When the trip comes to an end, employ the separate deflation valve and dump the air out quickly. Pack the REI Co-op air bed away in an included stuff sack, and off you go.

What we like

  • Soft-touch sleeping surface is comfortable on the skin.
  • Straightforward air pump makes it a quick inflation.
  • Added insulation makes it better for cool weather.

What we don't like

  • Some air retention complaints earlier than other mattresses.


Aerobed Air Mattresses
Photo Credit : Aerobed
  • Available Sizes : Queen / Full / Twin
  • Inflation Method : Air pump

Bringing the Aerobed air mattress with you is like getting your bed on a family camping trip. It comes in three different sizes. The queen-size version comes with a built-in headboard for additional stability while sleeping.

An included air pump is built into the mattress. It works with an auto-shutoff that allows you to select the desired firmness and walk away to do its things. Once it has reached it, the Comfort Lock pump maintains that firmness level all night, silently, so it doesn’t disturb sleep.

The value for the price is already apparent, but the Aerobed Air Mattress doesn’t disappoint in its construction either. It is comfortable to sleep on and made with PVC construction and a brushed polyester top. It is raised 20” off the ground and is treated to resist odor and fungal growth.

What we like

  • Headboard adds stability to queen mattress.
  • Built-in air pump uses auto-shutoff to reach perfect firmness.
  • Antimicrobial treatment maintains an overall condition.

What we don't like

  • Expensive price compared to other products.

Intex Kids Travel Bed Set

Intex Kids Travel Bed Set Air Mattresses
Photo Credit : Intex Kids
  • Available Sizes : Twin
  • Inflation Method : Air pump
  • Weight : 9.2lbs / 4.2kg

Kids cannot be forgotten when it comes to feeling comfortable on family trips. Not only is Intex’s version of kids’ bed usable in outdoor situations, but bring it with you for friend and family visits or to a stay at a hotel.

Intex includes a high output hand pump to make it a breeze to blow the bed up. It does take longer than a battery-operated pump would, but it does the trick. It conveniently fits into separate airbed fame that keeps them cozy and doesn’t allow them to roll off.

This design fits one child who is up to 48” tall, often between 3 to 6 years. The Intex Kids Travel Bed also comes with a carry bag for quick and safe storage and transportation. It doesn’t pack down very small, though.

What we like

  • Sized and framed for kid’s comfort.
  • Included hand pump and carry bag increases portability.
  • Versatile usage in outdoor, hotel, or travel situations.

What we don't like

  • Bulky design even when it is stored.

Pittman Outdoors Mattress

Pittman Outdoors Kid's Air Mattresses
Photo Credit : Pittman
  • Available Sizes : Twin
  • Inflation Method : Battery air pump

Pittman has designed another option for a kid-sized air mattress. It comes in three different colors, blue, purple, and pink. Extra comfort is added with the built-in pillow at the top, although this might need to be augmented by an actual pillow for the most comfort.

An air pump comes with the mattress, featuring three different-sized valves depending on what you need it to do. It is a battery-operated pump, so make sure to keep it out of corrosive areas.

A patch kit also comes with this air mattress. If you notice air starting to leak out from a part of the bed, use the kit to keep it working for longer. It doesn’t struggle with some leaks since the material isn’t the most durable.

Finally, a backpack comes with it for easy storage when the trip is made.

What we like

  • Travel backpack for easy transportation.
  • Included air pump with three different valve sizes.
  • Three colors give your kids more choice.

What we don't like

  • Air retention issues from lower-quality material

Camping Air Mattresses Buying Guide

An inflatable air mattress can be a great investment, but it can be a bit of a risk since it has to be inflatable to work. To figure out which one best fits your camping situation, look through the tips and characteristics below.

Here are 7 things to consider before buying a camping air mattress.

Mattress size

Think along the same lines for an in-home mattress size when buying an air mattress. The size will partially be determined by the area inside of your tent or RV.

The typical mattress sizes include single or twin, full, queen, and king.

  • Twin mattresses, like the Intex Kids Travel Bed Set, average 75” x 38”.
  • Full-size mattresses are around 53” x 75”. Queen mattresses are about 80” x 60”. An example of this size is the REI Co-op Kingdom.
  • King-sized mattresses measure around 76” x 80”.

Size doesn’t only apply to the length and width of the mattress. It also relates to its height. For example, the REI Co-op Camp Dreamer is lightweight and only 4” tall. Some of them are double-layered, like the Coleman Double-High SupportRest. These can gain 15” or more in height.

Height is essential when it comes to the overall comfort and usability of an air mattress.

Extra height is a bit like adding an extra cushion, keeping you extended away from the ground even if it loses some air.

Having more height can also increase the total maximum weight capacity, allowing more people to sleep on it comfortably.


Air mattresses have a wide variety of different ways they can be designed.

Many of them use vertical sidewalls to keep it stable, such as in the Kelty Tru.Comfort Camp Bed. Horizontal baffles keep the top surface from caving and support weight evenly.

Without added comforts like these in an air mattress, you would dip into the middle. It would feel more like drowning than a comfortable way to sleep.

Other designs that can add to the overall comfort are built-in headboards, like the Aerobed includes, or a pillow-like structure at the top.

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Maximum weight

Each air mattress has a maximum weight it can hold. A twin will have the smallest and a king the largest since they are made to hold more people across the surface area.

Twin-sized air mattresses average at 300lbs.

Queen air mattresses have a weight limit of around 600lbs, as do Kings since they are made to hold the same amount of people in a stereotypical sleeping arrangement.

Keep in mind that the more weight you place on them puts more pressure on the material.

If you consistently get close to the weight maximum, it can reduce the air mattress’s overall lifespan.

Air mattress materials

Air mattresses’ primary materials are made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, textile-reinforced urethane plastic, and rubber.

PVC has become one of the most common since they are the most durable.

PVC can have a denier rating from 300D to 600D, making it extremely durable. The SoundAsleep are created with an eco-friendly PVC to stand up against outdoor usage.

An air mattress is often made with a layer of the same material around the entire exterior. The sides can be fortified for extra protection from the pressure applied during each use. The top is often a softer and more comfortable material on the skin since PVC and rubber can be quite sticky.

Inflation and deflation mechanism

One of the inherent aspects of an air bed is that they need to be filled with air to work properly. There are a surprising number of methods and innovations to fill up an air bed and achieve your desired firmness.

Below are the primary three examples, a battery pump, a hand or foot pump, or an airbag.

  • Battery pump. Battery-operated pumps can require non-rechargeable or rechargeable batteries. An example of a pump inflated with a rechargeable battery is the SoundAsleep. You can charge them at home or in the car. Non-rechargeable battery pumps are not as standard anymore since they take heavy batteries and typically quite a few. The only one on our list that uses a battery air pump like this is the Pittman Outdoors Mattresses. Some battery-operated pumps can be set to specific firmness levels to control the exact amount of air that goes into the mattress.
  • Hand or foot pump. Hand and foot pumps are done by working it like a jack. You push the mechanism up and down, so it sucks air into the tube. Then, it pushes it through the valve and into the bed. The Intex Kids Travel Bed Set uses a pump like this, a hand version specifically. The con with these is that they can take some time and effort to blow the mattress up.
  • Air bag. Using an airbag is a relatively newer way to blow up an air mattress. It is the most straightforward of them all, though. A bag is attached to the air mattress through the valve port. It is opened, quickly closed and rolled or sealed, and then the air trapped inside is pushed from the bag, through the valve, and into the air mattress. Camping and backpacking mattresses use these to reduce the amount of packed equipment you need to bring. They can be time-consuming, but space-saving.

An appropriate air pump does not always come with an air mattress. Make sure to check into this before purchasing it.

Some mattresses will have standard valves that it is easy to find a pump for, while others might require a single brand with a special pump that could be quite expensive.

Packed size and weight

As with any product used for camping, hiking, or backpacking, the mattress’s overall weight and size are important. Depending on the purpose you use it for, it might be even more so.

If you need an air mattress to make a short couple of nights outside car camping more comfortable, a bigger and heavier mattress maximizes your comfort. The Coleman Double-High SupportRest is quite heavy for an air mattress at 20.5lbs. However, it has a pillowed design, an included air pump, and a double-high height that lifts you almost 18” into the air.

The Kelty Tru.Comfort Camp Bed is made more for multi-day hikers, weighs less at only 4.7lbs, and packs down small enough to fit into a bag with dimensions of 10” x 7” x 18”.

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A warranty with an air mattress is quite valuable since it doesn’t take much to render them almost entirely useless.

Most air mattresses come with a 1-year limited warranty.

Check into what strictly limited means to figure out if it adds value to your purchase or not.

There are not many air mattresses that come with a lifetime guarantee, but if they do, it should signify the company places a lot of trust in their product.

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How long can the air mattress stay inflated?

The length of time an air mattress can stay inflated depends on the quality of the material and the situation it is in. They are not meant to be long-term mattress replacements. 

They often last anywhere from six to ten hours before you notice slight deflation, less if there is a puncture. Any puncture from an animal or child in the area will cause it to deflate.

Are the air pumps included?

Air pumps are included with the sale of most air mattresses, but not all. If an air pump is included with the mattress’s purchase, it might not be the highest quality. Consider doing your research to make sure you have a reliable sleeping system.

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