The Best Camping Showers (2024 Models)

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Camping shower bags are an excellent companion to nomads continuously on the open road. Whether you want it as part of a hiking kit or live in a van and need a place to keep clean, they can eliminate the hassle of locating local showers.

When you are ready to invest in your own, check out :

  • Types showers bags. The three common types include pocket showers, a shower system, and shower tents.
  • Power source. Shower bags can be solar or battery, or propane-powered.
  • Tank capacity. Each water tank holds a certain amount of water. You only get a finite number of showers from each fill.

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Add a camping shower to your nomad traveling kit by looking through the best options.

Our favorite portable showers

Shower ModelWater Tank CapacityHeating Type
Coleman Shower Camp5 gallons / 19LSolar
Sea to Summit Pocket Shower2.5 gallons / 9.5LSolar
Stearns Sunshower 4.04 gallons / 15LSolar
Outdoor Hygiene Shower Camp5 gallons / 19LSolar
RinseKit Portable Shower2 gallons / 7.6LNone
Reliance Products2 gallons / 7.6LNone
Camp Chef2.2 gallons / 8.3LPropane
Geyser Systems0.8 gallons / 3LBattery
Nemo Equipment Helio LX5.8 gallons / 22LSolar
OVS Wildland2 gallons / 7.6LSolar
Ozark Trail 2 gallons / 7.6LSolar

Coleman Shower Camp

Coleman Camp Showers
Photo Credit : Coleman
  • Capacity : 5 gallons / 19L
  • Heating : Solar

Coleman focuses on the utility of its camp shower by making it small and durable. It can hold up to 5 gallons of water, able to last through multiple showers with one bag.

It uses a solar energy system to heat the water. The material is made with heat-locking capacity. It is more difficult to control than with other energies, but it works well in a pinch.

This product is an example of a pocket or bag camp shower. When you want to use the Coleman Shower Camp, use the sturdy handle and hang it around a tree trunk or branch. Conveniently, this is also an excellent option for a budget shopper.

What we like

  • Budget-friendly product choice.
  • Easy to pack when it doesn’t contain water.
  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly.

What we don't like

  • Energy source is less reliable than other power options.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

Sea to Summit Pocket Showers
Photo Credit : Sea to Summit
  • Capacity : 2.5 gallons / 9.5L
  • Heating : Solar

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is just that, an entire shower that could fit into a pocket. The exterior of the pocket-shaped shower is crafted from polyurethane-coated nylon. This material is water-proof and leak-proof, making it extra durable.

The bag is black, helping it to absorb heat from the sun and surroundings. You can also fill it with hot water directly to accomplish similar temperatures.

There is only a shower nozzle at the bottom of the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower instead of a full hose. When you are ready to rinse off, twist the showerhead. It also helps to control the water pressure. The volume the bag contains allows you about seven minutes of shower time.

What we like

  • Control water pressure through the bottom nozzle.
  • Solar energy is more eco-friendly.

What we don't like

  • Nozzle can clog relatively easily.

Stearns Sunshower 4.0

Stearns Sunshower 4.0 Showers
Photo Credit : Stearns
  • Capacity : 4 gallons / 15L
  • Heating : Solar

Stearns Sunshower 4.0 can hold 4 gallons of water at a time, giving you enough for multiple, short showers. The bag is called a Sun Shower since it is heated via solar energy.

To use the shower, there is a strong handle that runs along the top of the bag. It is reinforced on either side with a hole in the middle underneath to make it easy to hang up or carry.

Conveniently, Stearns SunShower 4.0 has a built-in thermometer that lets you see the water temperature before turning the shower on. To turn it on, use the on/off valve connected to the head of the shower. Be careful not to yank it too hard, since the hose can come off the bag.

What we like

  • Reinforced handle makes it easy to hang up.
  • Built-in thermometer gives an accurate temperature.

What we don't like

  • Hose can disconnect from the main shower bag.

Outdoor Hygiene Shower Camp

Outdoor Hygiene Camp Showers
Photo Credit : Outdoor
  • Capacity : 5 gallons / 19L
  • Heating : Solar

The Outdoor Hygiene Shower Camp is made with environmentally friendly materials that are quite durable. They are safe for human health as well, although it isn’t a good idea to drink from it.

This shower bag can hold 5 gallons of water at a time, allowing you to get several showers from it instead of a single rinse. The back of the bag is made with see-through material so that you can measure the level of water continuously. There is also a thermometer attached to view the temperature.

Outdoor Hygiene Shower Camp has an upgraded the showerhead to limit any leakage and add in a handy on/off switch that also allows water flow control. The hose attaches via some small zip ties that aren’t as durable as the rest of the bag.

What we like

  • Updated showerhead gives convenient controls.
  • Back material is see-through.

What we don't like

  • Thin lid gaskets lead to some leakage problems.


RinseKit Portable Showers
Photo Credit : RinseKit
  • Capacity : 2 gallons / 7.6L
  • Heating : None

RinseKit is a bit different when compared to some of the other products on the list. It uses batteries to help make it into a pressurized water system. Easily fill it up with hot or cold water, although it will not heat or cool the temperature for you. It does double as an insulated cooler, though.

The RinseKit has a pressure chamber that has a 2-gallon capacity. Some customers say that the pressure is not able to support the entire 2 gallons. It was initially developed for surfers but has since extended to mountain adventurers, van travelers, and other explorers.

A 6’ hose comes with the RinseKit Portable Shower, along with an adjustable spray nozzle, a hose bib adapter, a quick connect, and the container itself.

What we like

  • 6’ hose gives you plenty of reach.
  • Pressurized system means more strength behind the flow.

What we don't like

  • Pressure peters out before 2 gallons.

Reliance Products

Reliance Products Pressurized Showers
Photo Credit : Reliance
  • Capacity : 2 gallons / 7.6L
  • Heating : None

Reliance Products Pressurized Shower has more of a focus on pressure than it does on heating your water. However, for some, this is more important than receiving a hot shower. Increase the pressure by using the pump handle on top.

This shower comes in a highly portable bag in a neoprene sleeve with a mesh pouch on the side to store the 6’ hose in. It also has a carry strap to make it easier to wander with. The hose itself is resistant to kinks. Spray the water from the interior continuously through the trigger action located on the showerhead.

The Reliance shower weighs 3.8lbs and is 9.1” x 9.1” x 17.2”. It is not meant for backpackers, but more for van life or multi-day adventurers based on consistent transport.

What we like

  • Neoprene sleeve keeps the shower protected.
  • Pump action straightforward for continuous use.
  • Kink-resistant hose to aid pressure and packability.

What we don't like

  • Does not heat water, only slightly pressurized showers.

Camp Chef Water Heater Shower

Camp Chef Portable Water Heater Showers
Photo Credit : Camp Chef
  • Capacity : 2.2 gallons / 8.3L
  • Heating : Propane

If you want to try and picture Camp Chef Portable Water Heater Shower, then picture something you would see along the wall of a camp bathroom. This portable water heater is essentially a mini water heater that you can hang or stand anywhere you have a connection to water.

Two valves near the machine’s base help you control the heat and the pressure of the water. It is best to connect the water heater to a garden hose or camp hook up. The setup comes with a hose and showerhead that has four settings for water flow.

You can get approximately 11 hours of use from one of these water heaters. It is capable of pouring out 1.5 gallons of hot water each minute. Use it for a shower at the beach, outside a pool, or rinsing off your pets. It isn’t usable in the backcountry since it needs a water hookup.

What we like

  • Water heater controls give temperature and pressure options.
  • Includes a showerhead with multiple water flow settings.

What we don't like

  • Not backcountry usable since it needs a garden hose.

Geyser Systems Heated Shower

Geyser Systems Heated Portable Showers
Photo Credit : Geyser
  • Capacity : 0.8 gallons / 3L
  • Heating : Battery

Geyser Systems Heated Portable Shower is meant to support you when you don’t have access to other showers. It uses a built-in heating system powered by a plug into your vehicle as your car runs, or to a deep cycle battery, which is not included. The power cord is 16’ long.

Advanced pump technology gives a consistent flow of water without pressurization needed. You can use the shower without the heater by adding 1L of boiling water and 2L of cold water. Five minutes later, it should be ready to go.

An LED dashboard on the Geyser Systems Heated Portable Shower lets you know when your water is hot, and a level sensor alerts you as it gets low. Instead of a wasteful showerhead, the end of the hose has a replaceable scrub sponge.

What we like

  • LED dashboard lets you know when the water is hot.
  • Water level sensor alerts you when to wrap it up.
  • Powered with a car battery so you can use it anywhere.

What we don't like

  • Very small capacity at only 3L.

NEMO Equipment Helio LX

NEMO Equipment Helio LX Pressure Shower
Photo Credit : NEMO
  • Capacity : 5.8 gallons / 22L
  • Heating : Solar

Portability is one of the top priorities of the NEMO Equipment Helio LX Pressure Shower. It gets better pressure than gravity showers typically do. Instead, rest it on the ground and use the foot pump to pressure the water tank. The gasket at the top can be finicky and doesn’t allow pressure to build when not fitted properly.

The collapsible tank comes in a storage bag that allows it to pack down small. The exterior is black, so it will absorb heat when set in the sun, or you can fill it with hot water.

At the top of the water tank, there is a large opening. This allows you to fill it easily and even fit your hand in to wash it out. NEMO Equipment Helio LX Pressure Shower comes with a 7’ neoprene hose.

What we like

  • Collapsible system fits nicely into an accompanying sack.
  • Large opening means an easy fill and clean.
  • Durable neoprene hose is included with the system.

What we don't like

  • Finicky top gaskets that won’t allow pressure buildup.
  • Poor customer service when it comes to fixing manufacturing issues.

OVS Wildland Camping Shower Tent

OVS Wildland Camping Tent Showers
Photo Credit : OVS
  • Capacity : 2 gallons / 7.6L
  • Heating : Solar

If you are looking for a product that offers you the full shower experience no matter where you are, then the OVS Wildland Camping Shower Tent could be an answer. It is meant for overland vehicle expeditions and large-scale adventures.

Setup is easy and can be completed in seconds with a para-cord and stake system. It can be used as a changing room or a portable bathroom as well. The material of the tent is 800mm coated with PU.

Inside the shower, clip the floor up or down, hang your towel on the attached towel strap, and set soaps in the pockets. Place the black water bag on the top shelf and thread the hose through to get an overhead stream of water.

What we like

  • Setup is easy and quick without assembly.
  • Black water bag helps get the shower warm.
  • Adjustable floor on the inside with storage pockets.

What we don't like

  • Very large system makes it unsuited for minimalist travelers.
  • Hose can kink if it isn’t stored properly.

Ozark Trail Instant Shower Tent

Ozark Trail Instant Tent Showers
Photo Credit : Ozark
  • Capacity : 2 gallons / 7.6L
  • Heating : Solar

Build the Ozark Trail Instant Shower Tent just like you would a typical tent. This one, though, is taller and slimmer. On the inside, it has two rooms useful for a changing room and a shower room. Use the D-shaped doors with durable zippers and two windows to air it out when you finish.

The Shower Tent comes with a camp shower, a black bag equipped with a hose from the bottom. Hang this up inside to give you a gravity pressurized shower. Set it out in the sun beforehand if you want the water to be warm.

Inside the Ozark Trail Instant Shower Tent, there are mesh bags you can use to hold your shower materials or put up your towel. A rainfly is also included to protect the interior.

What we like

  • Two rooms make changing and showering separately easier.
  • Black solar water bag helps to heat water when in the sun.
  • Interior mesh bags hold shower materials steady.

What we don't like

  • Very large system doesn’t have high portability outside of a vehicle.

Camping Showers Buyer's Guide

Camping showers can be incredibly useful for all kinds of adventurers. However, some of the systems shown above wouldn’t work if you are a multi-day hiker, and others wouldn’t cut it if you were at a campsite or overlanding.

There are 6 aspects to consider before buying a camping shower.

Types of camping showers

There are three primary types of camping showers you can invest in for your travels. These include the pocket or bag shower, the shower system, and shower tents.

Pocket / bag shower

Pocket showers, which can also be called bag showers, are the most useful for minimalist travelers. They are small and typically come in the shape of a small bag. The water fits into the interior pocket, hence the name.

These showers can normally contain between 2 to 5 gallons of water. The Coleman Shower Camp, for example, can hold up to 5 gallons of water, while the smaller Sea to Summit Pocket Shower only holds 2.5 gallons, but has increased packability.

Showers like these tend to work using gravity to pull the water down from the bag through the attached hose and nozzle. They have on/off switches on the nozzle to control it. Most of these are made to be fully remote. They heat the water by using the sun’s energy, such as in the Stearns Sunshower 4.0.

Some of the showers that fall into this category have thermometers to gauge the heat and be safe, like the Outdoor Hygiene Shower Camp.

Shower system

Shower systems come with an entire set ready to be a fully functioning shower. They normally come equipped with a tank for holding the water, like the RinseKit Portable Shower. They also come with a hose, a pump, and sometimes a heater.

Most of these are not crafted to be standalone. They need a different power source, which is covered in more depth below. If you do not have an energy source or a water input, not all of these will be the best choice for you.

Shower tents

Shower tents give you extra privacy. They are assembled exactly like a tent and have less to do with the actual shower’s functioning than the structure itself. The water is normally a bag shower that attaches to the side or top of the tent.

A good example of a shower tent is the OVS Wildland Camping Shower Tent, made specifically for overlanders. It can be used in a variety of other scenarios as well. If you want the luxury of a changing room, use one like the Ozark Trail Instant Shower Tent which has two rooms.

Power source

  • Solar power sources allow you to heat up a bag or pocket shower. They are black and made with a material that soaks up the heat when placed in the sun. If it is not sunny, you do not get hot showers. The NEMO Equipment Helio LX Pressure Shower is an example of a solar-heated shower.
  • Battery options use separate battery sources of energy to heat the water and energize the pump. The Geyser Systems Heated Portable Shower can be run with a car battery or a separate deep cycle battery. Others need specific lithium batteries.
  • Propane tanks can be a source of energy for these as well, which are at least portable. The Camp Chef Portable Water Heater Shower uses a propane tank to heat the water up and control the pressure.

Water tank capacity

Typically, a water tank can hold between 2 and 6 gallons of water. More than this, the water becomes too heavy for the tank to maintain, or the tank would be too big for easy portability.

Some can contain less than 2 gallons. However, the most significant downside to this is the limited amount of shower time you get out of each fill.

Don’t expect to get a normal shower out of a portable camping shower, though. To put it in perspective, the average American uses about 15.8 gallons of water per shower.

Since the water from a portable shower won’t flow as fast, it takes longer to use it. However, you only get 10 to 15 minutes of shower time out of several gallons of water. Shower faster, and you get more showers from each fill.

Hose and showerhead design

The length of the hose varies from product to product. For example, the hose on Rinsekit Portable Shower is 6’ long to allow you to extend it from the ground. There isn’t a hose on some other products like the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower, only a minimalistic bottom nozzle.

The point that the hose or nozzle attaches to the bag is normally the weakest. It is here that you turn the water on and off and where you can control the flow rate in some products.

On pocket and bag showers, there is one basic nozzle. On shower systems, you can have selective nozzles that give you spray options.


The durability of these showers is important since they are used outdoors. They should have durable gaskets between the top lid and the nozzle. The exterior material is often made with nylon and coated with polyurethane to increase its weather resistance and durability.

Water level and temperature sensors

The ability to see the water level inside the bag is an extra feature in some designs. It helps you to avoid overfilling and potentially wasting water. It is also useful if you want to know when you are getting close to the halfway point or end of your water supply.

Some products that have external energy sources have a built-in sensor, like in the Geyser Systems Heated Portable Shower. Shower bags can have a see-through side of them so you can visually distinguish different levels, like in the Outdoor Hygiene Shower Camp.

Temperature sensors are valuable additions to products like these. Water can become dangerously hot in some climates or with certain controls. Avoid this by checking out the temperature sensor or built-in thermometer. Even with the simple design of shower bags, they do often come attached to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long would it take to heat up the water?

It depends on how hot you want your shower water. Typically, bags are made to absorb heat from sunlight efficiently. They can heat the interior water to more than 100°F or 38°C within 2 to 3 hours. 

Having a thermometer to read the temperature helps increase the awareness of the heat and protect the user.

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