The Best Hammock Straps Picks (2024)

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The straps attach both ends of the hammock to an object such as a tree and act as a suspension system. Many hammock campers often pay more attention to the hammock itself and neglected the straps.

Choosing the right hammock strap will ensure that your hammock is secure and comfortable. With that, you’ll more likely get an uninterrupted night’s sleep. There are various factors that go into choosing quality hammock straps. Some of these include :

  • Hammock suspension systems including how they work and their materials.
  • Strap length and thickness depend on the hammock type and total weight.
  • Strap materials determine the longevity and quality of the straps themselves.

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Our top hammock strap picks

ModelWeight LimitIdeal For
Sea to Summit300lbs / 136kgBudget option
Grand Trunk400lbs / 181kgValue for money
ENO Helios XL Strap300lbs / 136kgUltralight setup
pys XL Strap1000lbs / 454kgHighest weight rating
ENO Atlas EXT StrapTree friendly25 seconds
Kammok Python 10500lbs / 227kgMany adjustable points
Tree Hugger400lbs / 181kgEasy installation
HangTight Straps400lbs / 181kgComplete kit

Sea to Summit Hammock Strap

Sea to Summit Hammock Suspension Hammock Straps
Photo Credit : Sea to Summit
  • Dimensions : 9’ 10” x 0.6”
  • Weight Limit : 300lbs / 136kg
  • Strap Weight : 6.0oz / 170g

Sea to Summit has taken a different, more minimalistic approach to how suspension straps are done. They use a quick-connect buckle system to keep it easy to set up and adjust as needed.

Part of their goal with these straps is to decrease the packed-size in the complete setup of the hammock. The straps come with a compression bag. It can be somewhat challenging to fit them inside but is worth it in the end.

The webbing is only 0.6” thick and might not fit all park regulations. The buckles are high-quality, made from aircraft aluminum alloy to keep them lightweight, and offer more adjustments.

What we like

  • Minimalist design for small pack size.
  • Buckle system made of lightweight aluminum.
  • Compression bag to keep pack size down.

What we don't like

  • Thin webbing can hurt tree bark.

Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk Hammock Straps
Photo Credit : Grand Trunk
  • Dimensions : 10’ x 1’
  • Weight Limit : 400lbs / 181kg
  • Strap Weight : 12.0oz / 340g

Grand Trunk is another leader in the hammock market. Of course, they have designed their straps to be high-quality and well-suited to most hammocks, but uniquely theirs.

The straps are made of tree-friendly webbing of high tenacity poly filament webbing. The stitching is fortified with 70 nylon triple seams. These straps are lightweight and have 18 adjustment points.

They haven’t only thought about the technical specs when designing their Grand Trunk Straps. You can buy them in five different colors currently, to match the pattern of your hammock. They come with a lifetime warranty.

What we like

  • Tree-friendly material made of high-quality webbing.
  • Durable seams with 70 nylon construction.
  • Adjustment points are numerous along the strap length.

What we don't like

  • No earth tone color options.

ENO Helios XL Strap

ENO Helios XL Ultralight Hammock Straps
Photo Credit : ENO
  • Dimensions : 13’ 4” x 1”
  • Weight Limit : 300lbs / 136kg
  • Strap Weight : 6.3oz / 179g

The list wouldn’t be complete without an incredibly lightweight option. These Helios XL straps are part of a lightweight suspension system ENO has put together. They market it as the final adjustment sans the extra weight.

The cord is made from strong Silverlite™ material and 1000D polyfilament webbing. They say that it is a no knows needed kind of set up.

ENO has crafted their Helios XL Ultralight straps with a Microtune™ adjustable system that makes the finest tunings easy to accomplish with a bury splice.

What we like

  • Lightweight material makes it a must for backpackers.
  • Webbing made with 1000D polyfilament for durability and safety.
  • Microtune™ adjustable system unique to ENO makes small adjustments easier.

What we don't like

  • Length usability is debatable from some consumers.

pys XL Hammock Strap

pys XL Hammock Straps
Photo Credit : pys
  • Dimensions : 10’ x 1”
  • Weight Limit : 1000lbs / 454kg
  • Strap Weight : 1.2lbs / 522g

Pys includes heavy-duty carabiners with their version of hammock straps. They are 20’ long combined and add plenty of extra length to your suspension system. The design is heavier than most since it is reinforced. It can hold more weight than other products at 1000lbs.

Set up with these straps moves quickly by securing them around the trees and hooking them through the hammock’s ends. They are compact and pack down to 4.5” x 7.4” x 2” size.

Some people bemoan the fact that they cannot find naturally-colored straps. These come in camo colors to make them unique and natural. The Pys XL Hammock straps are made from durable polyester.

What we like

  • Heavy-duty carabiners included in the kit.
  • Add length totaling 20’ to the suspension system.
  • Compact build to make it easy to pack.

What we don't like

  • Heavy-weight when added to the entire system.

ENO Atlas EXT Strap

ENO Atlas EXT Hammock Straps
Photo Credit : ENO
  • Dimensions : 5’ x 2”
  • Weight Limit : 400lbs / 181kg
  • Strap Weight : 7.0oz / 198g

The Atlas EXT Straps from ENO are built for your comfort as well as nature. The straps are made with extra-wide webbing that minimizes their effect on the tree you attach them to. The webbing is 2” wide and meets almost all park regulations.

Adding these straps to your suspension system gives you an extra 10’ of length. The straps are made with 1000D poly filament webbing that has reflective stitching woven in for increased nighttime visibility.

ENO makes all of its products work the best with its other products. These Atlas EXT straps fit seamlessly into all other aspects of their suspension systems.

What we like

  • Tree friendly wide webbing design.
  • 10-foot addition to the suspension system.
  • Reflective stitching increases nighttime visibility.

What we don't like

  • Expensive price for simple straps.

Kammok Python 10

Kammok Python 10 Hammock Straps
Photo Credit : Kammok
  • Dimensions : 10’ x 1.5 – 0.75”
  • Weight Limit : 500lbs / 227kg
  • Strap Weight : 8.2oz / 233g

You might think when you first look at the dimensions of the Kammock Python 10 Hammock Straps seems to be off. However, it is because of their built-in adjustability when it comes to their width. Make them wider to protect tree bark, and thinner to facilitate a tight pack.

The straps use a nano weave technology to add extra strength to the cord by weaving each daisy chain connection instead of using the traditional bar tacks. It also decreases weight.

Each strap features 20 points of connection, and reflective tracers are woven into the webbing for increased visibility. Kammock offers a lifetime warranty with their Python 10 Hammock Straps.

What we like

  • Adjustable width to protect tree bark but pack down.
  • Nano weave technology increases strength and reduces weight.
  • Adjustable points along each strap.

What we don't like

  • Adjustments start too far down for some hanging situations.

Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger Hammock Straps
Photo Credit : Tree Hugger
  • Dimensions : 8’ x 1”
  • Weight Limit : 400lbs / 181kg
  • Strap Weight : 1.2lbs / 544g

The Tree Hugger Hammock Straps incorporate slightly different design elements. Instead of extending the hammock’s length to accommodate various distances between trees, it fastens around the tree and doubles up on top of itself. The design serves to protect the trees more.

To secure the hammock to the tree, all you have to do is position the D-ring so that it angles towards the hammock. Then, slip the O-ring over the end of the hammock’s strap and attach it through the D-ring edge.

The Tree Hugger Hammock Straps are made out of weather-resistant polypropylene. They make hanging up hammocks more mobile and increase the eco-friendliness of the hobby.

What we like

  • Eco-friendly strap for hanging hammocks.
  • Useful D-ring for quick attachment.
  • High weight limit to accommodate more than one person.

What we don't like

  • No added length to the remainder of the suspension system.

HangTight Straps

HangTight With Carabiners Hammock Straps
Photo Credit : HangTight
  • Dimensions : 10’ x 1”
  • Weight Limit : 400lbs / 181kg
  • Strap Weight : 14.7oz kit

HangTight hammock straps come as a kit, complete with carabiners and a storage bag. Altogether, the kit still weighs less than a full pound. The system doesn’t involve any knots and offers multiple different adjustments.

The straps are made from a 100% polyester fabric that doesn’t allow for extra stretching. It is fortified with a reinforced daisy chain loop system so that changes are easy to make. Each strap is 10’ long, thus adding 20’ total to the entire system.

As displayed in their weight capacity, they have one of the highest strength ratings on the market. It is mostly due to the HangTight Hammock Strap’s robust reinforced, double-power stitching. If you aren’t satisfied with their product, in the end, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Double stitching reinforces strong weight rating.
  • Long extension to the suspension system.
  • Addons included such as carabiners and carry bag.

What we don't like

  • Awkward adjustment levels compared to other increments in products.

Hammock Straps Buying Guide

Hammock straps are not simply reinforced pieces of rope tied around a tree. If you want to invest in your hammock kit, it is worth knowing how to invest in your suspension system.

These are 5 factors to consider before buying your hammock straps.

Hammock suspension system

Hammock straps come in two typical forms; straps/webbings and ropes. They can be called different things, but these take up the majority of the market.

Straps / webbings

Straps made with a webbing, or woven, material that fans out around the tree increase the surface area. It protects the tree’s bark and keeps it from putting too much pressure on the outside and damaging the tree’s inner layers. 

There are specialized suspension systems meant to limit trees’ impact even more, like in the Tree Hugger Hammock Straps.

Typical webbing straps are made to extend up to 2” and are made with a polyfilament webbing with a high denier rating. The ENO Atlas EXT Straps are a perfect example of this.


Rope straps are exactly how they sound, made with natural bound fibers. They weigh less than many synthetic materials like nylon. However, they stretch out during each use and put a lot of stress on the outside of the tree.

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Strap length and thickness

Straightforward, the strap length matters since it opens the door to more hanging options. If you have a suspension system that barely extends out from the hammock, you will need to find anchors that perfectly match the hammock’s length and preferred sag.

The thickness of the straps determines more of their impact on the tree.

Thicker straps can also increase durability. Try to avoid straps that have a diameter of less than an inch to prevent hurting trees.

Maximum weight limit

Some people might require a defined weight limit to feel safe hanging out in their hammock. Others want straps that accommodate double hammocks. 

They need a weight limit that doesn’t max out if two people are sitting in it together. Pys XL Hammock Straps have a higher weight limit than most do.

The average weight limit tends to be between 300lbs and 400lbs.

Strap materials

There is not a wide variety of materials that hammock straps are typically made from. These include polyester and nylon.

  • Polyester is the less common material to use in strap production because, on a weight-for-weight basis, nylon is stronger than polyester. However, polyester production is less expensive, and so it is commonly used in more budget-friendly hammock straps. The HangTight Hammock Straps use 100% polyester fabric since they don’t stretch as much as nylon can.
  • Nylon is stronger and more stretchable compared to polyester. The stretchability is not a desirable factor in hammock straps. If you have a fixed adjustment that you like to use in a specific spot, it is convenient if the straps stay that way.

Number of attachment loops

Even if straps are long, if they don’t have plenty of attachment loops, then they don’t technically offer much more convenience. Adjustability is key to having plenty of spaces where you can pitch your hammock.

Most hammocks only have between two to four attachment loops on either end. Some offer many more, such as the Kammok Python 10.

Strap weight

Everyone is concerned about their hammock’s weight when they are looking for their perfect match. However, they don’t consider the addons like the straps that end up going along with it. 

Finding lightweight straps might not be an essential factor for everyone, but if you backpack, even another ounce starts to add up. 

Find straps like the ENO Helio XL to complete a lightweight hammock tent kit.

Strap color

Although the color of your straps doesn’t rank as priority number one when completing your suspension system, it can add a factor of fun to your purchase. 

Finding color variety like those offered by the Grand Trunk Straps fulfills the need for durable straps but still gives you color options.

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