The 9 Best and Reputable Camping Hammock Brands (2024)

Hammocks have been around for hundreds of years. It is easy to sling up a piece of fabric between a couple of trees and laze the day away or shelter for the night. 

However, investing in a high-quality hammock makes the experience exponentially more comfortable and long-lasting. Head here if you’re looking for camping hammock recommendations.

Here are the best hammock brands among campers.

Eagle Nest Outfitters

Eagle Nest Outfitters

Eagle Nest Outfitters, or ENO, was a company launched in 1999 by brothers Paul and Peter Pinholster. Their idea for an outdoor company, marketing specifically to the hammock niche, was motivated by the desire to get out of the confines that a 9-to-5 job gave them.

They began the company in their sister’s garage, hand sewing each one of their hammocks. They would travel around the east coast to sell their products and have since become one of the best-known hammock producers for their high-quality products and excellent customer service.

ENO has become popular for hammock campers because their hammocks tend to be very lightweight and packable. Most of them, especially the single options, can pack into a stuff sack the softball size. Meanwhile, they are constructed with a nylon fabric that is breathable and very durable.

They also produce carabiners and daisy-chained nylon webbing as their hammock-specific straps.


Hennessy Hammock

Hennessy Hammock was a company founded by its Industrial Designer, Tom Hennessy. He had been passionate about hammocks for his entire life and ended up pairing that with a knack for innovation. He has been sleeping in a hammock for more than 60 years and still designs them today, whenever a lightbulb moment appears.

Tom’s first design was constructed over a period of six years and hit the market in 1999. Since then, they have expanded from the one-size-fits-all approach to include asymmetrical shapes and other hammocks that suit long-distance backpackers and even adventure racers. They have ultralight offers and even make a longer hammock for taller people.

Hennessy has developed a reputation for developing high-quality products but is perhaps better known for its innovation. They want everyone to have the perfect hammock for them and their lifestyle. That is why there are so many customizable options and hammocks to choose from on their site.


Chillax Hammocks

Chillax is a newer company that has begun making hammocks, creating them with more of a college-student and adventurer mindset than a hammock living lifestyle. They promote the idea that a hammock is where you go to crash after a long day of classes, being able to chill out and feel the wind and the outside world around you.

Chillax makes their sofa the hammock, and they say that nature is our TV. They want to promote a spirit of community around their hammock, doing more than just relaxing, but taking the party outside and under the sun.

Chillax’s hammocks are not explicitly designed for ultralight adventurers, but they make a great addition to a chill day. They can be turned into a picnic blanket or quickly hung up with their integrated suspension systems.

The hammock is made from ultralight parachute silk and is comfortable to the touch and breathable.

Fox Outfitters

Fox Outfitters logo

Fox Outfitters is based in Houston, Texas, where the days are long and sunny for most of the year. They do more than supply hammocks, although their hammock kits are popular and easy to work with and set up. You can also get camp kitchens, sleeping pads, camp towels, and more from them. 

One of their purposes is to provide high-quality products without such a stunning price.

Fox Outfitters primarily sell their hammocks in the form of a kit. You can get starter kits from them, rainfly kits, day kits, and more depending on what your hammocking needs are. These often include the hammock, stuff sacks, straps, carabiners, and can include other protective layers like bug nets and rain flys if you want.

Wise Owl

Wise Owl Outfitters Logo

Wise Owl Outfitters is based in the beautiful state of Tennessee. They are a US company that all started in the imaginations of Todd and Sarah, a couple that was backpacking along the John Muir Trail.

They had a life-changing experience on that trail. They spent thousands of dollars preparing for the 4-day trip and realized that most people couldn’t afford the quality camping gear they needed to support healthy activities.

The couple came back and decided to create a brand focused on this market, creating affordable gear at a high quality that will endure the hardships of being outside. Wise Owl Outfitters has become a beloved brand in the US, run by a family that loves the great outdoors as much as their customer base.

Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk Logo

GrandTrunk is another well-known hammock producer. They make high-quality products that are long-lasting and quite comfortable. GrandTrunk is a company that was founded in 2001 to offer a wide selection of hammocks and other outdoor gear for adventurers all over the world. They are based in Salt Lake City.

GrandTrunk believes so much in their products that they offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee on all of their sales. They know that their products will last for a lifetime and beyond and want to give you that same faith in them. A portion of every sale also goes towards organizations that support the global community.

GrandTrunk truly cares about the adventurer and wants to encourage their customer base to blaze their own trails. They have many products for winter hammocking and other more intense adventures.


Castaway Travel Hammocks Logo

Castaway Travel Hammocks has been a company since around 2016. They were founded with the mission to design a travel hammock that would suit the needs of all kinds of adventurers. That is why they create their hammocks with durable yet lightweight nylon reinforced with triple-stitching for a longer-lasting product.

Castaway’s team wanted to make a travel hammock that fit the needs of many different kinds of travelers. From those that wanted a place to swing in the sunset with a beer in the backyard to backpackers who had to hike the next 15 miles to get to their campsite. Their hammocks have since made it around the world.

Mojo Trend

Mojo Trend Hammocks Logo

Mojo Trend is similar to a dropshipping site, offering a collection of many different brands or unbranded products available at an affordable price for quick shipping. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy to cover any defects of the product from shipping or manufacturing. It is easy to return the items if you end up not being satisfied with them.

Mojo Trend has several offerings when it comes to hammocks and their accessories. They are made from lightweight nylon material. Even their two-person hammock tent that supports up to 440 pounds of weight only weighs 1.5 pounds. They are made to be portable and durable, using 3 layers of stitching for the seams.

Each of their kits comes with a set of carabiners, tent straps, a bug net, the hammock, and a stuff sack, all at a budget-friendly price.

Lawson Blue Ridge

Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Logo

Lawson Blue Ridge Hammocks was started because of childhood experiences from the founder Wes Johnson. He grew up close to ponds and lakes where he would spend many sun-filled days outside and camping in the mountains.

He began to run a company in the outdoor industry to provide high-quality products for people that need versatile equipment. Lawson Blue Ridge Hammocks give you that unique design with a comfort level that is difficult to find in other hammocks. They have a flatbed camping style that is extended from the ground.

On their camping hammock, there is a bug net suspended in a dome above the hammock. Their flagship designs have set them apart in an industry dominated by similar patterns. They are made to be taken anywhere and protect the campers from a variety of backcountry dangers. They can even be set up on the ground, staked, and secured to become a typical tent.

Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams is a writer, plant-nerd, and outdoor enthusiast. She has traveled extensively, around the U.S., throughout Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Everywhere she treks, she takes time to enjoy the outdoors. John Muir is her hero. She aspires to inspire people to live better as he did.