Andrew Dodson

Andrew Dodson

Andrew Dodson is a journalist and writer based in Colorado, where he frequently camps with his wife and two-year-old son.

His more memorable camping experiences include a 10-day backpacking trip through the mountains of New Mexico and a week exploring stretches of the Shenandoah Trail.

Now with a toddler, today’s camping trips are more tame, but extra enjoyable. He’s slowly becoming an expert on the best ways to enjoy more public campsites, how to keep toddlers safe around a campsite and playing more age-appropriate songs around the campfire.

Dodson is an award-winning journalist who hails from Michigan. His wife Erin is a Colorado native. They hope to soon incorporate some kind of Airstream trailer into their camping repertoire in the coming years.

When he’s not camping or hiking, he enjoys playing guitar and jazz saxophone and trying to keep up with his wife on long runs. He’s also a certified bourbon steward and enjoys delicious craft beers.