Camping in Zion NP in Spring 2024: Spring 2024 Guide

1. Stay outside the park

With only two main campgrounds inside the park, consider the options outside of Zion. While these options may be more expensive, they offer exceptional amenities that the national park campgrounds do not.

And, since the two campgrounds inside the park are just inside the entrance, you may not be gaining much by staying inside the park.

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2. Book early

With the exception of tiny Lava Point in the remote northeastern section of the park, there are only two campgrounds inside Zion National Park, meaning you’ll need to book well ahead if you want to stay inside the park.

The park suggests making reservations at least six months in advance.

Otherwise, plan on using one of the privately-owned campgrounds outside of the park.

3. Access to shuttles is key

Zion is unique among national parks in that you can’t drive through the park on your own during the majority of the year. This means you need to access the park’s shuttle system.

It’s more convenient to stay at a campground that has a shuttle service, eliminating the need to drive to the park’s visitors center from your campground to access a shuttle.

4. Be prepared

If you decide to go camping from the late fall to early spring, you’ll need to be prepared for cool temperatures at night.

Temperatures can fall into the 40s in the fall and spring and below freezing in the wintertime.

5. Summer is a hot time to camp

Summer is a hot time to camp at the park especially when you consider that many of the sites in the campgrounds lack sufficient tree cover.

Keep that in mind when selecting a campsite during the summer months as temperatures can routinely reach well into the 90s during the day.

6. Camp in the backcountry

 The best way to experience Zion’s beauty and the terrain is through its backcountry campsites. While you’ll need special backcountry camping equipment, the experience is worth it.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to get a permit for backcountry camping.

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