Step 1

Sleeping Measurement

Take a measurement when your dog is sleeping in a curled up position. If they sleep more sprawled out then get a front to back of their torso.
Step 2

Size Chart

Pick the size that matches your dog's measurement. The sides of the sleeping bag are the same length as the diameter of the bed. This allows for the bed to be turned on its side if your dog likes to sprawl out instead of curl up.
Measurement (A) Size
18 – 22 in (46 – 56 cm) SM
22 – 26 in (56 – 66 cm) M
26 – 30 in (66 – 76 cm) L
30 – 34 in (76 – 86 cm) XL
Terrier (SM)
Viszla (M)
Weimaraner (LG)
Great Dane (XL)
Step 3

Size Matters

We know dogs come in all sizes. We're the only 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag on the market that has more than a one-size fits all attitude.