As avid campers, backpackers, and dog lovers, my wife and I had bought, altered, and retrofit about every piece of gear we could find for ourselves when it came to camping and traveling with a light footprint. However, our dog Noble, a short-haired Vizsla, was still without a lightweight, packable solution that would give him a dry, clean place (Dog Bed) to hang out around the campsite during the day and a warm sleeping spot (Sleeping Bag) in the tent at night. Finally, after years of frustrating DIY attempts, from sewing DIY dog-coats to modifying our sleeping bags, we decided to create a product that worked exactly like we wanted. After a few more years of creating prototypes and testing them out on our Vizsla, we found a balanced solution that we think is dog approved.

Made In America

Each NobleCamper™ is proudly handmade in the USA. It’s our goal to offer you the most competitive price and quality while keeping humans, not machines, employed in the USA.

We are working with our manufacturers to source up to 70% of the materials locally in the US. Our goal is to eventually get to 100% USA Sourced.

Tell Your Story

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Meet The Founder

Tyler Barnard

No More Cold Nights

Our furry friends work just as hard as we do when enjoying the great outdoors. Why not give them the joy of their own sleeping bags to help them recharge on cold nights?

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