The Ideal Olympic NP Seasons and Weather for Camping for Camping

Seasons in Olympic National Park

Summer (21 June to 22 September)

Olympic National Park Summer

The summer is a shorter season in some parts of the Olympic National Park. It stays cool year-round there, even during the summer.

The average temperature during most of the summer stays around 62°F during the day and 44°F during the night, or 16.7°C to 6.7°C.

The summer tends to get lower amounts of precipitation than many of the other months of the year. June gets an average of 6 days of rainfall in the month, while July and August receive about three days of precipitation each month.

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Fall (23 September to 20 December)

Olympic National Park Fall

The temperature begins to drop in September. The daytime temperature is about 56°F or 13.3°C.

Fall often feels like it lasts only through September for most people. It gets steadily more rain than during the summer months, with about seven days of rain during the month.

Then, in October, the daytime temperature drops to an average of 46°F or 7.8°C, and it receives 13 days of rainfall. November tends to be more of a winter month here than an autumnal month. The average daytime temperature is 37°F or 2.8°C. 

There are 18 days that receive rainfall on average.

Winter (21 December to 19 March)

Olympic National Park Winter

From December to February, the temperature stays about the same, just about freezing during the day and about 24°F or -4.4°C at night.

A lot of rain falls in the lower elevations during the winter months, and it is essential to come prepared, or you will end up wet almost every day. In the higher elevations, the precipitation falls in the form of snow. 

There is an average of 16 days each month that it rains or snows during the winter.

Spring (20 March to 20 June)

Olympic National Park Spring

In March, the daytime temperatures are around 37°F or 2.8°C. There are 18 days of rainfall on average. 

The spring begins to warm up but also sees just as much rainfall as the winter. April becomes steadily nicer but is still quite cold during the night. The daytime temperature is around 42°F and 5.6°C. 

Finally, May is around 49°F or 9.4°C during the day and just over freezing on average at night.

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