Will this product work for my German Shorthair pointer? He normally sleeps indoors with a blanket on and we want to take him backpacking where the temps get pretty low at night.

We designed the NobleCamper™ with our short haired Vizsla in mind.  We take him camping in April thru October in the Rocky Mountains and it always keeps him warm.  On particularly cold mornings, he is so comfortable that we have to beg him to get up so we can hike on.

I have a dog with a heavy fur coat. Is this product overkill for our camping trips?

All dogs regulate their temperature differently, but most dogs won’t say no to extra warmth on those nights it gets colder than we expected.  However, if your dog doesn’t love their bed in the first 30-days, we will take it back no questions asked.

We’ve used old coats and sleeping bags for our dogs. What makes the NobleCamper™ better?

We hear you. For years we used anything we could find to keep our dog warm on trips in the car, camping and hunting trips.   We wanted the NobleCamper™ to be designed just for dogs and to be lightweight enough that our dog could carry it in his own pack.  The NobleCamper™ is compact, lightweight and more durable than most DIY solutions we have come up with.  We suggest you try it for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied that it’s better than grandma’s old sweater, we’ll take it back no questions asked.

Can’t we just put our dog in our sleeping bag? He already sleeps in our bed at home.

That’s always an option, and best of all, you’re warmer too.  Unfortunately, most high tech sleeping bags aren’t designed to withstand dogs’ nails and usually don’t have enough room for more than yourself.  We’ve designed the NobleCamper™ with durable Ripstop Shell and a Nylon Taslan that acts like soft cotton but is much more durable and won’t be as cold if it gets wet.

How much cold can the NobleCamper™ protect against?

“Remember, if the weather’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet.” ~ASPCA. Since all dogs have different amounts of fat and hair we can’t put an exact figure on this.  But we agree that if it’s cold out your dog will eventually get cold too.

How thick is the padding?

We use 1” of Poly-fill to provide just enough comfort and insulation yet stay lightweight and compressible.  This is not a thick plush bed like you would get for a home dog bed, but we think your pooch will enjoy it.

Where are your dog beds manufactured?

Each NobleCamper™ is handmade, packaged, and labeled in Pennsylvania, USA. Our products are then shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers around the world for purchasing and distribution to get you the fastest possible shipping. 

What size do I get for my dog?

We currently make four different sizes: S, M, L and XL.  Check out our dog size chart. We recommend sizing the bed based on your dog’s natural sleeping state.  If your dog likes to curl up like ours, take a measuring tape or string and measure the farthest dimension across your dog.  Then compare it to the diameters in our chart.  If you get the wrong size you can always return it for a better size. (refer to amazon.com’s return policy)

International Shipping?

At the moment we are working hard to fulfill the current orders we have within the US.  However, as our operation grows, we would like to add international distribution to our capabilities. Meanwhile, join our mailing list or like us on facebook and twitter to keep up to date when more Noblecampers become available.

Payment Options and Return Policy?

We fulfill all of our orders on Amazon.com to ensure you get the fastest, most convenient ordering experience.  Therefore, you can pay in any form that Amazon currently accepts. If you want to return your bed, please see Amazon’s generous return policy.

Do you have other colors?

We used to have two other colors: camo and blue. This became expensive for us to maintain, and we found that the most popular color was red/blue.  At the moment, we’ve decided that in order to keep bringing you this quality product, we’re going to keep things simple for now.

Why is this so expensive?

We made a choice early on to keep this bed manufactured in the USA.  This gives us control over the process and makes us proud to support local economies.  Unfortunately, this isn’t without a cost.  We have worked very hard to minimize the costs and pass those savings on to you.  We hope you see the value once your pup snuggles into her bed.

Other Questions?

If you have a question that you don’t see here, please contact us at hello@boulderlite.com