The Best Tent Stakes (2024)

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Looking for the best tent pegs and stakes as replacements?

Often, camping gear like tents, hammocks, or tarps come with stakes. But, these are not always of the highest quality, even with a quality product. You can get rid of the worry or hassle of the cheap models and use quality ones instead.

When you look to buy a set of tent stakes, look for :

  • Types of tent stakes. Different stakes are for different ground conditions, like hard ground, sand, and snow. You can also find stakes designed for camping in high winds.
  • Stake material. Aluminum is the preferred material for a tent stake.
  • Stake length. One of the only changeable factors in something as simple as a tent stake is the length, which is on average between 6″ to 8”.

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Our top tent stake picks

ModelLengthBest For
REI Co-op Aluminum Hook Stake7.25”Backpacking, lightweight
The North Face J-Stake M6.25”Windy conditions
MSR Cyclone9.5”Soft grounds
Big Agnes 12” Stakes12.0”Hard grounds
MSR ToughStake13.5”Sand, snow grounds
NEMO Airpin6”Backpacking, lightweight
Eureka DAC6.25”Windy conditions
Sea to Summit Ground Control7.1”Sandy, soft grounds
MSR Carbon Core6”Super lightweight
REI Co-op Snow Stake9.6”Snow grounds
Snow Peak Solid Stake #5020"Soft, snow grounds

REI Co-op Hook Stake

REI Co-op Aluminum Hook Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : REI
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Length : 7.25”
  • Quantity : 1 pack

These affordable and straightforward aluminum hook stakes from REI Co-op help supplement your collection or replace worn-out stakes. They are made from a strong 7075-T6 heat-treated aluminum. It makes them difficult to bend and helps them retain their hooked shape at the top.

Tent stakes must be extremely lightweight since you have to carry multiple. Each one of these REI Co-op stakes weighs 0.5oz or 14g.

They are designed for backpackers and its thin design that is slightly tapered at the bottom helps to push it into hard ground.

What we like

  • Strong aluminum helps it maintain its shape.
  • Lower price compared to other items.
  • Bottom taper allows it to slide easily into hard ground.

What we don't like

  • Not as lightweight as some previous versions.

The North Face J-Stake M

The North Face J-Stake M Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : The North Face
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Length : 6.25”
  • Quantity : 8 pack

Even if a tent is wind-resistant, it doesn’t mean that it can stay in place during a storm. They need to be staked down, and The North Face J-Stake M are the stakes to do it. They are crafted with durable 7075-T6 aluminum.

These stakes are made from a hyper-durable material and are long but thin enough to drill into hard ground. They are only ½” wide at their base, with only a slight taper in the bottom to give it easy sliding power.

What we like

  • Thin design helps them drill into the ground.
  • Aluminum material makes them durable.

What we don't like

  • Very simple design doesn’t make them stand out from the crowd.

MSR Cyclone

MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : MSR
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Length : 9.5”
  • Quantity : 4 pack

MSR designs its tent stakes with a spiral design that is marketed to be ideal for creating a solid anchor point. They work very well in soft ground, where it is difficult for a smooth metal to get a grip and for tarps in the wind.

The unique design of the cyclone tent stakes is what makes them work so well. They appear almost like licorice, twisted all the way down to give it a vastly increased surface area.

There is a reflective pull loop that makes it easier to remove at the top of the MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes. They are also longer than the average tent stake but weigh 1.2oz or 34g.

What we like

  • Spiral design gives extra stability in soft ground.
  • Reflective loop makes removal easy.

What we don't like

  • Heavier weight at over an ounce each.

Big Agnes 12” Stakes

Big Agnes 12 in Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : Big Agnes
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Length : 12.0”
  • Quantity : 4 pack

Big Agnes crafts another DAC J Stake with its longer, 12” tent stakes. They are topped with reflective nylon cord loops that make them easier to see and pull out when you are ready to move on.

These stakes come in a variety of different colors and are all made with 7000 series aluminum. Big Agnes 12” V-stakes have a tapered top leading to tabs and a hole that allows you to fasten and tie on your guy lines. 

Their spade-like design allows them to efficiently dig into the soil.

What we like

  • Reflective nylon cord loops make for easy removal.
  • Extended length allows for better grip.
  • Spade-like design means they dig into hard ground.

What we don't like

  • Extended length also means they are challenging to get in for a decreased tripping hazard.

MSR ToughStake

MSR ToughStake Snow and Sand Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : MSR
  • Material : Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Length : 13.5”
  • Quantity : 4 pack

Another option if you are looking for snow stakes is from MSR. These stakes have a hexagonal base that increases the surface area at the bottom and anchors them in packed snow and sand. They are said to deliver ten times the holding power of standard tent stakes.

Each MSR stake is topped with a stainless steel cable for extra durability. They are longer than a standard stake as well.

They have an interesting self-driving design. As further tension is placed on them from the attached cables, their spade ends drives them further into whatever medium they are in.

What we like

  • Hexagonal base increases holding power up to 10x.
  • Stainless steel cable offers more durability.

What we don't like

  • Only use for snow and sand since the hexagonal base makes penetrating other ground difficult.

NEMO Airpin

NEMO Airpin Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : NEMO
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Length : 6”
  • Quantity : 4 pack

NEMO names its stakes Airpins due to their very lightweight design, each stake weighing 0.4oz or 10g. They use a unique 3-point locking system at the top to hold any cord tight and eliminates the need for guy out tensioners.

At the top, they are both flat and wider, giving you an ideal striking point for driving the stake into the ground. They are 1” wide here.

These NEMO Airpin Stakes are crafted with a 7075 aluminum, a blend of durability and lightweight material. They are only 0.12” wide at the bottom, meaning the tip is easy to wedge into hard-packed soil. 

They won the Backpacker magazine’s 2019 Editors’ Choice Award.

What we like

  • 3-point locking system eliminates guyout tensioners.
  • Tapered design makes it easy to drive into the ground.

What we don't like

  • Can’t always fix guy line tension.

Eureka DAC

Eureka DAC Aluminum Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : Eureka
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Length : 6.25”
  • Quantity : 6 pack

Eureka’s DAC aluminum stakes helps to keep your tent secure with a tapered corner design. It is created to hold well during gusty weather conditions with a custom DAC aluminum alloy.

Each one has a larger surface area that grips the ground around it by using more of a V-shape stake design. They work well on soft ground because of their shape and grip strength.

Since these Eureka stakes come in a six-pack, one purchase can replace your previous collection of tent stakes. A hole in the top allows you to secure your guy line depending on your setup system.

What we like

  • Custom aluminum alloy makes it especially strong.
  • Larger surface area allows an increased grip strength.
  • Six pack purchase restocks entire collection.

What we don't like

  • Unspecified weight for individual stakes.

Sea to Summit Ground Control

Sea To Summit Ground Control Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : Sea To Summit
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Length : 7.1”
  • Quantity : 8 pack

This company crafts its tent pegs to be the perfect replacement for a lower-quality peg. They are made from an anodized 7075-T6 alloy. An eight-pack supplies you with a full replacement kit.

These Sea to Summit pegs have a three-sided design with three guy points for easy adjustments. A luminescent pull tab at the top enables easy extraction.

They are helpful in securing guy lines due to their three multi-height guy points. Using these allows you to reduce the leverage on the peg, meaning an increase in stay-power in sandy or soft ground. If you can’t get them as far into hard ground, the lower levels also help to keep your tent in place anyway.

What we like

  • Aluminum alloy makes a robust peg.
  • Three guy points allow easy adjustment.
  • Luminescent pull tab for quick removal.

What we don't like

  • Y-shaped top can be challenging for some to hit.

MSR Carbon Core Stake

MSR Carbon Core Stake Kit Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : MSR
  • Material : Carbon fiber core with aluminum covering
  • Length : 6”
  • Quantity : 4 pack

MSR uses a carbon-fiber core instead of aluminum, although it is externally coated in aluminum afterward. Although these might not be as strong as pure aluminum alloy, they are incredibly lightweight.

This MSR stake kit includes four tent stakes at less than 6 grams per stake or 0.2oz. They are made in the USA and have a standard cylindrical design with a slight taper at the bottom.

The plastic that covers the top widens to give you an easy striking point. However, it is not as durable as metal. It also has a pull loop through it to allow easier removal.

What we like

  • Extremely lightweight at barely 6g each.
  • Pull cord at the top allows for easy removal.

What we don't like

  • Carbon fiber core is not as strong as 100% aluminum designs.

REI Co-op Snow Stake

REI Co-op Snow Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : REI
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Length : 9.6”
  • Quantity : 1 pack

Stakes designed for soft or hard ground scenarios will not cut it in snowy areas. REI has got you covered with a Snow Stake.

The snow stake is longer than average tent stakes and has holes throughout to have the snow help anchor the stake. It can also be used upside-down as well so you can loop and tie in a line and bury it in snow or sand.

REI Co-op Snow Stakes have a slight U-shaped bend to them and have a thin width so they slide in quickly, fill with snow or sand, and then stay that way.

What we like

  • Holes throughout the design helps utilize the snow.
  • Use upside-down to fasten down cords.
  • Longer to provide deeper reach in unstable areas.

What we don't like

  • Selective use in snow and sand.

Snow Peak Solid Stake #50

Snow Peak Solid Stake #50 Tent Stakes
Photo Credit : Snow Peak
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Length : 20”
  • Quantity : 1 pack

All of Snow Peak’s products are made in Japan. These tent stakes are forged from stainless steel. They are longer at 20”, so they work well when placed on soft ground. Pushing them in deeper allows for more grip strength and less leverage. However, it is for the same reason that they can be difficult to use on hard ground.

Snow Peak Solid Stake #50 has a larger head to make it easy to hammer and quick to pull out. At the top, they form a downward facing tab with a hole at the top to securely slide and tie in your guy line.

Otherwise, their cylindrical and bottom tapered design is typical of traditionally designed tent stakes.

What we like

  • Larger top for easy hammering.
  • Extended length increases hold in soft ground.

What we don't like

  • Stainless steel craftsmanship is not as strong.

Tent Stakes Buying Guide

Tent stakes are relatively straightforward. However, finding the right design can mean augmenting your entire camping system.

Types of tent stakes

Unfortunately, one set of tent stakes does not always cut it in a variety of environments.

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Made from aluminum

7000-series aluminum is hands-down, the best material for tent stakes currently. The reasons for this are its increased durability and strength under duress. Aluminum is also rust-resistant and thus lasts longer.

Aluminum is not the lightest of metals that tent stakes could be made from. That is why the MSR Carbon Core Stake Kit is made with a carbon-fiber core but then coated with aluminum. Stainless steel is another option, like in the Snow Peak Solid Stake #50, but it is at least 2x heavier than aluminum.

There are various aluminum alloys that some companies use, though. Eureka has customized theirs in the DAC Aluminum Stake.


The length of a tent stake is typically between 6” to 8”, for example, NEMO Airpin Stakes at 6”. This length gives you enough leverage when pushed into the soil to hold well without having so much that it sticks out or is too hard to remove.

Some tent stakes are longer for soft ground. However, using something like a 15” to 20” straight stake can still make removal quite difficult.


What is the difference between a tent stake and peg?

The terms tent stake and peg can be used interchangeably. However, a peg takes on more of a nail shape, longer and thicker than an average stake. It can be hit with a hammer instead of a mallet.

How many tent stakes do I need?

It is standard to have one tent stake per corner of a tent, plus some for your rainfly if you carry it. Having a couple of them extra is handy in case one breaks or bends. 

Thus, if you have four corners to a tent and no rainfly, six tent stakes are recommended.

How do I get the tent stakes into hard ground?

If you are having trouble getting a tent stake into the ground by hitting it, try the water bottle trick. Pour a little water in the area where you want the stake to go. 

Let it sink in for a minute or two and then place the stake over it. Use the hammer or your foot to push the stake into the softer ground.

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