The Best Sleeping Bags for Kids (2024)

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Do you want to bring your children with you on your next camping trip and need a comfortable sleeping bag?

For many, some of their most memorable moments while growing up were the nights spent outside cozied up in their kids’ sleeping bags. Getting your children their own sleeping bags that keep them warm is essential to sharing their love of the outdoors.

What are the differences to watch out for between adult and kid-sized sleeping bags?

  • Temperature rating. Sleeping bags have temperature ratings. Winter bags have 15°F and below rating. Spring and fall sleeping bags are between 15°F to 30°F, and summer bags for any temperature above that.
  • Size and fit. The way a child’s sleeping bag fits them is much different from an adult’s. Consider how fast they grow with their current height to get one that lasts.
  • Durability. Kids can be extra hard on their equipment. Look for bags that focus on durability and water resistance for increased comfort.

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Figure out what product will be the best for your child by looking through the list. If you need further clarification, look at the buying guide.

Our favorite kids sleeping bags

Sleeping Bag Model Temp. Rating Fill MaterialsWeight
Kelty Kids Callisto 30 30°FPolyester 2.6lbs / 1.2kg
The North Face Youth Eco Trail 20 20°FPolyester3lbs / 1.4kg
Big Agnes Kids’ Duster 15 15°FSynthetic 2.9lbs / 1.3kg
REI Co-op Kindercamp 40 40°FPolyester 3lbs / 1.4kg
REI Co-op Zephyr 20 20°FPolyester 2.1lbs / 936g
Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 4040°FPolyester 1.2lbs / 539g
Marmot Banzai Trestles 3535°FPolyester 1.9lbs / 840g

Kelty Kids Callisto 30

Kelty Callisto 30 Kids Sleeping Bags
Photo Credit : Kelty
  • Temperature Rating : 30°F / -1°C
  • Fill Material : Cloudloft
  • Weight : 2.6lbs / 1.2kg

Kelty Kids Callisto 30 sleeping bag is an example of a rectangular-shaped bag. It gives them plenty of room to move around, so they feel comfortable throughout the night.

Kelty makes its kids sleeping bags inspired by the design of the popular and tested adult version. It doesn’t pack down very small for such a small-sized bag, stuff size at 9” x 15”. However, the lofted insulation makes up for it.

This bag fits children up to 5’ tall, or 152 cm. The shell and lining are made from 190T polyester taffeta. It keeps your kids warm in cool temperatures, being conveniently rated down to 30°F. If it isn’t very cold outside, consider unzipping it to use as a blanket instead.

There are boys and girls versions of the Kelty Kids Callisto 30 as well.

What we like

  • Blanket conversion for better adaptability.
  • Tall height keeps it usable for years of growing.
  • 190T polyester taffeta makes it soft for snuggling.

What we don't like

  • Stuff size is rather large for a small bag.

The North Face Youth Eco Trail 20

The North Face Youth Eco Trail Synthetic 20 Kids Sleeping Bags
Photo Credit : The North Face
  • Temperature Rating : 20°F / -6.7°C
  • Fill Material : Recycled polyester
  • Weight : 3.0lbs / 1.4kg

Rolled up in this little bag, your boy or girl looks like a cozy burrito. It is a mummy-style bag with a hood at the top to keep them warm. The temperature rating is low on the bag, making it a good choice for 3-season camping trips.

To keep your kids warm, the fill is made from 100% recycled polyester. For enhanced aesthetics, the lining is embossed, making it appealing to both boys and girls. It doesn’t take away from durability, though, since the shell is crafted from 50D ripstop polyester.

To keep the kids comfortable, the knee area has an extended width.

In colder weather, use the draft collar near the fitted hood to prevent further body heat loss. Cinch it right up to keep it cozy. They even include an internal pocket so your kids can keep their materials safe.

Tie-down loops have been added for securing The North Face Youth Eco Trail Synthetic 20 to a sleeping pad of your choice to augment the entire sleeping system.

What we like

  • Mummy bag features extended knee width.
  • 100% recycled fill focuses on sustainability.
  • Internal pocket makes it easier for kids to keep their belongings safe.

What we don't like

  • Heavy-weight at 3 pounds.

Big Agnes Kids’ Duster 15

Big Agnes Kids' Duster 15 Kids Sleeping Bags
Photo Credit : Big Agnes
  • Temperature Rating : 15°F / -9.4°C
  • Fill Material : M4 synthetic insulation
  • Weight : 2.9lbs / 1.3kg

Big Agnes completely takes care of this. The Big Agnes Duster 15 accommodates children from tot to teen by using an adjustable width and height system. They use a clip and loop closure process to allow the bag to expand or contract and keep the insulation close to their bodies.

This customizable system eliminates extra air space that can create cold spots. On the bottom is a half-pad sleeve, so no matter how squirmy, they stay comfortable. Getting them there is no problem either, with exterior liner loops for drying, toting, and storing.

The hood on the Big Agnes Kids’ Duster 15 is contoured and cinchable for cold nights. This bag is considered a winter sleeping bag since it is rated so low.

What we like

  • Adjustable sizing system is unique and extremely customizable.
  • Keeps insulation close with adjustable width.
  • Contoured hood and no-draft system for increased heat.

What we don't like

  • Pad sleeve doesn’t fit all camping pads.

REI Co-op Kindercamp 40

REI Co-op Kindercamp 40 Kids Sleeping Bags
Photo Credit : REI
  • Temperature Rating : 40°F / 4.4°C
  • Fill Material : Polyester fibers
  • Weight : 3lbs / 1.4kg

One of their options for a kid’s sleeping bag, REI Co-op offers the Kindercamp 40. It is rectangular and thus requires a rectangular sleeping pad for increased comfort. It is rated down to 40°F and is comfortable during late spring, early fall, and summer camping trips.

REI has made this bag with several fun color options and interior patterns for your kids. On the inside, there is water-resistant polyester fill in a quilted pattern to keep it where it should be.

The REI Co-op Kindercamp 40 comes with an attached stuff sack to make it easier to haul around. Conveniently, the sack can also be a method of decreasing the overall length of the bag and keeping the insulation closer to smaller bodies.

What we like

  • Color options make it more relatable for young outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Attached stuff sack is a convenient way to downsize the bag.
  • Polyester fill is water-resistant.

What we don't like

  • High temperature rating means it is not usable for many weather patterns.

REI Co-op Zephyr 20

REI Co-op Zephyr 20 Kids Sleeping Bags
Photo Credit : REI
  • Temperature Rating : 20°F / -6.7°C
  • Fill Material : Polyester fibers
  • Weight : 2.1lbs / 936g

REI Co-op Zephyr 20 is made for a lower temperature threshold, although some customers beg to differ. It comes to just over 2lbs, making it one of the lightest sleeping bags on the list. It is a 3-season bag, for a versatile amount of camping seasons while still keeping young campers warm.

Polyester fibers make up the fill of the bag and are somewhat water-resistant. Ripstop polyester is a durable material and is what the shell is made from. The lining is nylon taffeta.

To keep the insulation closer to smaller bodies, the bag is a mummy shape with a snug hood and a trapezoidal foot box. There is enough space in the hood to put a low-profile pillow as well.

When your kid gets zipped into the Zephyr 20 with the anti-snag strip system, use the insulated yoke and face muffler to keep them even warmer. When packing up the next morning, use the compression sack to store it.

What we like

  • Mummy shape for increased warmth.
  • Fitted system with a hood and face muffler.
  • Stuff sack included for easy compression.

What we don't like

  • Off base temp rating makes it cold to use in 20°F.

Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 40

Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 40 Kids Sleeping Bags
Photo Credit : Morrison
  • Temperature Rating : 40°F / 4.4°C
  • Fill Material : Polyester fiber
  • Weight : 1.2lbs / 539g

When it comes to camping, why not start them young?

Morrison Outdoors has designed their sleeping bag for kids aged 2 to 4 years old. Its shape is meant to make them feel at ease in their sleeping space while still keeping them warm.

Instead of a rectangular or mummy-style bag, the bag is shaped like a thick, elongated sweater. They can put their arms into sleeves and zip right up the middle with the 2-way zipper to make a cozy fit. The ends of the sleeves can be opened or closed when they are inside to keep them comfortable.

When the trip is done, even if your toddler crawled in dirty after a day outdoors, the Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 40 is machine washable. Through it inside with other blankets for easy cleanup.

What we like

  • Special shape makes it easier for toddlers.
  • 2-way zipper increases ventilation.
  • Machine washable for easy after-trip cleanup.

What we don't like

  • Requires a special sleeping pad since it cannot be affixed.

Marmot Banzai Trestles 35

Marmot Banzai Trestles 35 Kids Sleeping Bags
Photo Credit : Marmot
  • Temperature Rating : 35°F / 2°C
  • Fill Material : Spirafil High Loft insulation
  • Weight : 1.9lbs / 840g

After being wrapped up in this bag, your little campers will look like caterpillars, ready for a long sleep before another day of fun. It fits kids up to 4’ tall inside the mummy shape.

To get into the bag, kids can use the fold-down second zipper that runs the full length of the bag. The bag’s construction includes a trapezoidal foot box at the bottom, wave dynamics throughout for insulation, and a 3D hood with a drawcord.

Marmot increases the heat retention inside the Banzai Trestles 35 with a snagless draft tube along the side.

Additionally, they use a Velcro-free system for their face muff on really chilly nights. If it gets wet, hang it up by the two exterior hand loops, but don’t forget to take your stuff out of the interior stash pocket.

What we like

  • 3D hood with a drawcord to eliminate cold spots.
  • Interior pocket keeps items safe.
  • Exterior loops make drying easier.

What we don't like

  • Short height doesn’t accommodate older children.

Kids Sleeping Bags Buying Guide

Buying a sleeping bag for your kids mixes priorities you wouldn’t have to consider for adults.

You want to get them something of good quality, but if they outgrow it quickly, then what is your budget?

Here are 3 sleeping bag features to consider before one for your kids.

Temperature rating

A warm camper is a happy camper, or so they say. If you have ever camped with children, you have probably found this to be quite true. Keeping them snug on a chilly night imprints camping as a fun activity in their mind for years to come.

There are multiple options to consider when it comes to temperature ratings.

  • Winter sleeping bag is rated for 15°F or lower.
  • Spring and fall seasons sleeping bags will be rated between 15°F to 30°F, such as the Kelty Kids Callisto 30.
  • Summer sleeping bags are considered anything with a rating above 30°F, as is the case with the REI Co-op Kindercamp 40.

Typically, the lower the temperature rating, the heavier the bag, although not always in kid’s bags. It is because their bags often have more fill to keep them comfortable for younger sleepers.

Think about the time of the year and the average air temperature at the location you prefer to camp.

Which rated bag is going to keep them cozy without feeling like they are overheating?

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Size and fit

The biggest issue when buying a sleeping bag for your kids is how fast they grow.

It is often a good idea to get a bag that will fit them throughout several seasons. However, it spreads out the insulation. They might feel colder in the bag than the temperature it is rated for.

Consider bags such as the Big Agnes Kids’ Duster 15, which can be adjusted to their height and width as they grow older. If that isn’t an option, then try a mummy bag, like Marmot Banzai Trestles 35. Even if it is longer, the material forms tighter to their bodies.

Often, smaller, rectangular bags are a better idea for young children. It mimics the shape of their beds and allows them to move around more.

Bags like the Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 40 are crafted for toddlers, even though it is long enough to last for a couple of seasons. It also features a special shape that might make them feel more secure than trapped in a tight, unfamiliar bag.


Finally, the materials are important in a kid’s sleeping bag.

The lining and the shell should be made with ripstop polyester or nylon. It is best to find a bag with hidden or double-stitched seams to keep it safe from extra wear and tear.

It is always a good thing to impress the importance of sustainability onto young minds as well. The North Face Youth Eco Trail Synthetic 20 has a hardcore shell and polyester fill, but it is entirely crafted with recycled materials.

Even if the bag is rated for cold weather, if it isn’t treated with some kind of moisture control, then it won’t remain very comfortable in damp conditions. Try to find a bag that exhibits some kind of water resistance or has a waterproof treatment, like DWR (Durable Water Repellent).

The fill inside of a bag is often water-resistant, especially made with synthetic materials. The REI Co-op Zephyr 20 is a mummy-shaped bag filled with polyester fibers that are water-resistant. It makes it easier to dry and takes it longer to get wet.

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Should I get a mummy or rectangular shaped sleeping bag for my kids?

For kids 6 years old and younger, it is often a good idea to get a rectangular-shaped bag. It allows them more movement and mimics their familiar bed back home. 

A mummy-shaped bag is a good idea when you camp in colder temperatures since it keeps the insulation closer to their bodies. If they are especially squirmy, though, mummy bags roll with them instead of allowing them free movement inside the bag.

How do I make the sleeping bags warmer for my kids?

If a sleeping bag isn’t rated low enough, or your child is still cold inside, keep them off the cool ground by using a sleeping pad. Some bags have loops or back sleeves to keep them fixed to the pad during the night.

In a rectangular bag with more space, put in more blankets. Consider using a pillow on the inside of a mummy bag’s hood for increased warmth as well.

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