The Best Camping Kettles (2024 Models)

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Are you in need of a quality camping kettle for all your water heating needs?

You have come to the right place since we are ready with the year’s top products.

Camping kettles have a pretty straightforward design, meant to boil water quickly. However, when it comes to outdoor products, you need enhanced packability and long-lasting materials. Here are some things to consider when buying your camping kettle.

  • Kettle design. Although there are plenty of good old fashioned traditional designs, there are also collapsible versions. Those with handles make it easier to serve as well.
  • Kettle materials. Is it made with anodized aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium? Do you want glass pieces involved or a cast iron kettle that lasts forever?
  • Kettle size. Kettles come in all sorts of capacities, so find the product that boils your average amount of water. The weight is mostly dependent on the material.

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No matter what qualifies your perfect kettle, there are options out there. Going into the outdoors doesn’t mean going without hot water.

Here are the 9 best camping kettles we like.

Sea to Summit X-Pot

Sea to Summit X-Pot Camping Kettles
Photo Credit : Sea to Summit
  • Capacity : 44oz / 1.3L
  • Kettle Material : Aluminum
  • Handle Material : Glass-reinforced nylon

Sea to Summit’s stellar little camping kettle is a whole pot of ingenuity—pun intended. It is foldable, making it very easy to pack down to a small size that can fit right into your pack. It only weighs 0.4 lbs or 181g.

To stay safe, the boiling capacity is 0.8L. It has an innovative design with even heat distribution along a 6063-T6 aluminum base and flexible, food-grade silicone sides. This makes the boil time very quick, reducing the amount of gas used each time.

This little Sea to Summit X-Pot comes with two handles, primarily nylon and glass reinforced. It should not be used over open flames but on a camp stove or safe platform guarding against a flame. Do not wash it in the dishwasher.

What we like

  • Very lightweight design makes it barely noticeable.
  • Foldable sidewalls exponentially increase packability.
  • Quick boil time reduces gas usage.

What we don't like

  • Not dishwasher safe makes cleaning slightly harder.

MSR Titan Kettle

MSR Titan Camping Kettles
Photo Credit : MSR
  • Capacity : 29oz / 0.9L
  • Kettle Material : Titanium
  • Handle Material : Titanium

Another smaller option is perfect for a lightweight trekker or multi-day hiker. It weighs even less than the option above, 0.26 lbs or 117g. The titanium body helps it heat up quickly and evenly, and it features a rounded bottom edge that offers more surface area against an open flame.

This kettle can be used on a stovetop or over a campfire. It is excellent for quickly heating enough water for one or two people. Titanium is a great metal for a kettle since it is more robust than aluminum and 45% lighter than stainless steel. It is also resistant to corrosion and chemically nonreactive.

Protect your hot water and hands with a dripless spout that effortlessly guides the outward flow where you need it to go. The lid is tightly fitted, so don’t worry about it during the pour. When you pack the MSR Titan Kettle, fold the wire handles flush against the side for more space.

What we like

  • Small option perfect for lightweight hikers.
  • Versatile usability over a campfire or stove.
  • Dripless spout offers greater control over water.

What we don't like

  • Wire handles do not offer any handling protection.

Primus Litech Kettle

Primus Litech Camping Kettles
Photo Credit : Primus
  • Capacity : 51oz / 1.5L
  • Kettle Material : Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Handle Material : Hard Anodized Aluminum and Plastic

Primus is a top-quality brand for outdoor cookware products. It produces quality camping stoves that work best in size for its Primus Litech Kettle. However, it will fit on various camping stoves and can be placed on an open flame campfire.

It is lightweight and holds more liquid than the previous options, making it easier to boil enough water for a meal. It weighs 0.44 lbs or 200g. It is a bit more squat and broad than some, with a height of 4” or 102cm and a diameter of 5” or 152mm.

All of the Primus Litech Kettle’s body is made from hard anodized aluminum, but the handle has a plastic grip in the middle, and the lid has a durable plastic knob for safer removal.

What we like

  • Durable aluminum material keeps it working on the trail
  • Lightweight construction offers an option for multi-day hikers
  • Plastic grip on the handle for a safer pour

What we don't like

  • More expensive than some similar options

BioLite Kettle Pot

BioLite Camping Kettles
Photo Credit : BioLite
  • Capacity : 51oz / 1.5L
  • Kettle Material : Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material : Silicone-coated stainless steel

The BioLite Kettle Pot’s construction appears unique to that of most other kettles, looking more like a thermos than a kettle. Do not be fooled since it still gets the job done. Constructed with thin stainless steel, it doesn’t scratch easily.

Overall, it has a lightweight build, although it is heavier than some previous objects at 1.25 lbs or 567g. It comes as a set with a storage sack. The set includes this kettle with silicone-coated handles, a bowl, and a pour spout lid. The bowl fits tightly to the bottom of the KettlePot when it isn’t in use.

If you prefer the entire BioLite brand, it conveniently all works together. The BioLite CampStove fits into the KettlePot to further reduce pack space.

What we like

  • Designed for packability of the entire cooking system.
  • Silicone-coated handles make serving safer.
  • Comes as a set for lightweight packers.

What we don't like

  • Packability doesn’t work for most other camp stoves.

GSI Outdoors Halulite Kettle

GSI Outdoors Halulite Camping Kettles
Photo Credit : GSI
  • Capacity : 34oz / 1L
  • Kettle Material : Halulite
  • Handle Material : Plastic-coated Halulite

GSI Outdoors offers a wide range of quality products. Its unique hard-anodized Halulite alloy metal that makes up the kettle’s body is another. Its design is meant to distribute heat evenly and get hot quickly. The material is also abrasion-resistant.

This is another option to consider if you are looking for a lightweight kettle. It is only 0.36lbs or 163g. It is slightly misleading since it is said to hold an entire liter of water, but it starts to spill out of the spout before maximum capacity.

The spout is short, sticking out only slightly from the kettle’s body. It has an easy-pour design that makes it safer, and the packable handles have a plastic coating.

When you are ready to pack up, fold the handles until flush against the sides. GSI Outdoors Halulite Kettle is also designed to hold ultralight camping stoves inside, so when it is cool, pack it all together.

What we like

  • Packable design can fit in ultralight stoves.
  • Extremely lightweight best for backpackers and trekkers.
  • Unique metal allows even heat distribution and quick boil.

What we don't like

  • Holds less water than advertised at closer to 750ml.

Redcamp Outdoor Camping Kettle

Redcamp Outdoor Camping Kettles
Photo Credit : Redcamp
  • Capacity : 31oz / 0.9L
  • Kettle Material : Aluminum
  • Handle Material : Silicone-coated aluminum

Redcamp’s Outdoor Camping Kettles come in a variety of styles. Our kettle features a uniquely designed lid and spout that maximizes its interior capacity and ease of use.

The kettle is made from hard anodized aluminum, making it much more scratch-resistant than typical aluminum. It features increased stability for a stove, but it should not be used over a campfire or pieces begin to melt. The handle’s design has been updated to be silicone-coated, making it safer to use bare hands.

This kettle’s design includes a unique lid. It is made of hard plastic that stays cool even when the kettle’s metal is steaming hot. The lid has a pinched-in top, making it easier to take on or off.

When you use the Redcamp Outdoor Camping Kettle, notice that the recommended boiling capacity is below the full capacity at 0.7L. It comes with a mesh bag for increased portability.

What we like

  • Innovative spout design maximizes interior capacity.
  • Pinched-in plastic lid makes it easy and safe to remove.
  • Silicone-coated handle allows for a convenient pour.

What we don't like

  • Not campfire safe since heat is difficult to regulate

Fire-Maple Camping Kettle

Fire-Maple Camping Kettles
Photo Credit : Fire-Maple
  • Capacity : 51oz / 1.5L
  • Kettle Material : Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Handle Material : Nylon-coated aluminum

Are you in for a long-haul adventure somewhere in the great unknown? The Fire-Maple Camping Kettle is the product that gets the job done no matter what tundra you find yourself in. A plus: it can be used on a campfire.

It is taller than wide, with a spout at the top for maximum interior capacity. The lid fits in tightly to make pouring safe without falling off. Even though it has a heat-resistant, nylon-coated grip on top, the handle gets quite hot, and you may need a mitt. It conveniently folds flush to the side when not in use, though.

You might notice a unique design along the bottom of this kettle. Fire-Maple’s Camping Kettle uses a butt joint technique to increase heat efficiency by up to 30% compared to a flat-bottom on most other brands. It can save you precious fuel during each use. It comes with a mesh bag and a tea filter as well.

What we like

  • Top location of spout maximizes interior capacity.
  • Nylon-coated handle makes it safer to pour.
  • Increased heat efficiency with a butt joint technique along the bottom.

What we don't like

  • Hot handle even though it is coated with nylon.

Pasamer Camping Kettle

Pasamer Camping Kettles
Photo Credit : Pasamer
  • Capacity : 27.1oz / 0.8L
  • Kettle Material : Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Handle Material : Silicone-coated aluminum

Pasamer Camping Kettle has a classic shape and is made of hard aluminum alloy. It is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and oxidation, making it a long-lasting product.

The handle is coated with silicone, making it easier to handle. When you aren’t using it, store the handle down, laying it flat against the kettle’s side.

The Pasamer kettle does best over a camping stove or an indoor stove. Whether you should use it over a campfire is unclear, but it is better to be safe and bring a camp stove.

What we like

  • Silicone-coated handle makes it easy to pick up.
  • Flat storage of the handle increases packability.
  • Hard anodized aluminum is a durable material.

What we don't like

  • Campfire safety is not verified by the company.

Alocs Camping Kettle

Alocs Camping Kettles
Photo Credit : Alocs
  • Capacity : 44oz / 1.3L
  • Kettle Material : Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Handle Material : Silicone-coated aluminum

Alocs Camping Kettle is made with an aluminum alloy that is much stronger than typical aluminum, scratch-resistant, and good at avoiding corrosion. It has a similar build on the bottom as the Fire-Starter. This technique increases its heat efficiency by 30-50%, thus saving fuel.

Alocs designs its camping kettle with safety in mind. It includes a silicone fin that allows you to pull the fitted lid on and off. It also coats the top handle in silicone. A ring around the bottom gives it a windshield, improving performance regardless of weather.

This kettle is ideal for 2 to 4 people to use at a time since it has a slightly higher interior capacity. It is still lightweight, though, at 0.5lbs or 222g.

What we like

  • Safety focused on silicone coated handle and fin.
  • Increased heat efficiency by 30 to 50%.
  • The windshield on the bottom improves performance in inclement weather.

What we don't like

  • Small handle size can make it more difficult to grab.

Camping Kettles Buying Guide

Camping kettles come in a surprising variety of different shapes and sizes. It is essential you know how you want to use it and what you need from it so that you end up purchasing a satisfying product.

These are 4 things to consider before buying a camping kettle.

Kettle design

A kettle can be short and squat, or it might be thin and elongated. This design aspect depends on what kind of system the manufacturer wanted the kettle to work with. Is it made to fit on one specific brand’s camping stove, or can it settle on a variety?

Take, for example, the BioLite Kettle Pot. It is made to work best with their camp stove, lending the entire system advanced packability. It is thin and taller, appearing more like a thermos, but working well when paired up with the rest of the intended system.

Kettles like the Primus LiTech are more of a standard variety, designed with a typical shape and a foldable handle.

Although not as common, entirely foldable designs like the Sea to Summit X-Pot are made with silicone. They are meant to be as storable and lightweight as possible.

Kettle materials

Kettles can be crafted from a variety of materials. If you are looking for something lightweight, you might go for titanium, whereas a long-lasting material like cast iron could even outlive you.

  • Anodized aluminum is the most common material to make camping kettles since it is resistant to corrosion and general wear and tear. It can typically withstand unruly campfire temperatures as well. Redcamp Outdoor Camping Kettle uses this aluminum for a superior build.
  • Stainless steel does well as a material for a kettle, but it does weigh more than anodized aluminum and stains faster against an open flame. There are not as many kettles made from stainless steel for this reason. The BioLite Kettle Pot is the single example on this list.
  • Titanium is the lightest in overall weight. However, because it is so thin, even though it is durable, it does not heat very evenly. This lack of heat efficiency eats up precious gas. The only example of a titanium kettle here is the MSR Titan Kettle.
  • Glass is not the primary body material since it doesn’t conduct heat very well. Instead, it can be used as a knob or coating over the handle, such as on the Sea to Summit X-Pot.
  • Cast iron kettles are not featured on this list of camping kettles, not because it is not a quality material, but because it is far too heavy. Cast iron is extremely durable, but not easy to carry around with you.

Handle materials

On most kettles, the handle’s main bar is the same material as the kettle’s body. Most manufacturers have begun to coat that in silicone, nylon, another plastic, or glass. Doing so helps to protect the hand.

  • Silicone is the most common material since it is durable, doesn’t melt easily, and is comfortable. Pasamer Camping Kettle has a silicone-coated handle over an anodized aluminum base.
  • Nylon is relatively common as well, but it has a lower melting point. That is exemplified in the Fire-Maple Camping Kettle.

Kettle size

The typical capacity of a camping kettle is right around 1L. 

However, whatever the maximum capacity is should be lowered if you intend on boiling the liquid. It doesn’t necessarily correspond to the weight either.

For example, the Alocs Camping Kettle has 1.3L capacity and only weighs 222g, while the GSI Outdoors Halulite Kettle has only a slightly smaller capacity but weighs much less at 163g.

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